Agape Love

But the more I choose Him, the more I choose His ways, the more I seek His smile and embrace throughout my every day, the more I choose to live to love Him, the more I realize that I no longer house a wave of emotions.

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One of my favorite things about Jesus is time management, and by that I mean this – Jesus ALWAYS had time for the one. People pulled, asked, and begged for his time. Crowds were waiting on him and yet, He had time for the right person/people at the right time. Jesus had TIME for the things that important for his role in the kingdom.

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Fear by Ashlynne Bell

His design for my life is to live fiercely driven by a Kingdom whose King takes no command from fear…but instead casts out the very mention of its name. He lives so that I might live–not broken and weary in the moment, but outrageously devoted to the wonder of His Name–the glory of His presence and the power of His word.

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