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Sadie Robertson

Do you believe there is more?

the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of me…and can live inside of you. Okay, so if you didn’t quite catch that, let me just say it again…you can have the SAME POWER that was being cultivated inside of that tomb for 3 days inside of you. The Creator of the universe is waiting on you to rise up and BELIEVE that all things that are dead in your life WILL come to life by the same power of JESUS CHRIST.

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From the Deep Waters

God will pull you from the depths of the ocean, whatever your ocean is. If it’s feeling left out, not knowing what your future will bring, or something else, God is able to reach down and bring you out. He will bring you back to the top.

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5 Things

I believe when we are five, the reason we are often times and weirdly our best and most fun self, is partly because of our childlike manner. But, I also think our confidence and freedom comes from the voices around us, and our parent’s protection over who is allowed to speak into our lives. We have voices of encouragement, voices of truth—voices telling us we are enough, voices tell us that we are beautiful just as we are, voices tell us how loved we are, voices telling us how to be strong when we feel weak or hurt, voices bringing out our originality, and voices disciplining us out of love.

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Thank You

And I have learned that when something seems to be impossible—whether it’s bad timing, or crazy random, if God has called you to something… fasten your seat belt and get ready, get expected, get excited, and scream YES.

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