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Laney Redmon

Dinner With Jesus

Laney Redmon shares a sweet story about things to do on a Friday night. She set her eyes, heart, and emotions on Jesus for an evening of quiet reflection. May her story encourage you to allow yourself to have your own story of an intimate time with Him where He meets you in a way that you’ve never experienced Him before.

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He Alone Is My Strength

Laney Redmon shares about a time in her own life, when she remembers it being SO clear that He was her strength and He was carrying her through life. She encourages us that God will show us every single day, that He alone is our strength and answer to all things in this life.

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You Are His

Before anything else you’ve ever been, you were His. You are not what you do, or what you’ve done. You are not the model, the dancer, the singer, the actor, the speaker, the brains, the athlete or the muscles that come along with that. Although it’s easy to find temporary confidence in these things because they’re all things the world has a tendency to hold highly and admire, these things will never truly satisfy our soul or fulfill our purpose.

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