The other day I was sitting with a new friend who is about to move to the Nashville area. She was excited, nervous, and hopeful all at the same time. When God calls us to something new, we can have all the peace in the world, but we still question how the little details that have to happen will fall into place.

Questions run through our minds. What will this new season look like? How will this season be different than what I’ve known in the past? What is God up to? I sat there with her and reminded her that she is stepping into an environment where she will be met with a group of girls who are for her, who seek to know her on a deeper level, and who will champion the things God is calling her to. I reminded her that her victories will be our victories, her sorrows will be our sorrows, and at the end of the day, we will lift her up knowing that there’s enough room in the Kingdom of God for us to all live out our purpose. That’s what true community and sisterhood is all about, right?

And guess what? I’m saying all of these things to YOU too, my friends. I have been privileged enough to meet so many of you who are leading in your communities, walking boldly in your faith, and growing closer to God. Whenever I meet new friends, I realize how much we all have in common. Many of our desires, goals and dreams are the same, even though our path to them might look different. We all want and need a place to be strengthened as a community of women seeking one body, one spirit, and with one song we can all sing.

So I am beyond excited and thankful to share with you what has been in the works for months now. We have been preparing a place for sisterhood for you and it is FINALLY HERE!

TODAY, Live Original has launched our brand new community: LO Fam!

Here is what LO Fam is all about: sharing our hearts, lifting each other up in prayer, and being the Body of Christ that provides you with the fuel to live out your calling wherever you are.

LO Fam is here to champion YOU.

This online community is a place for us to deeply connect with each other. I look forward to sharing more of my heart through videos, voice memos, mini blogs, and live chats (trust me, this is the stuff you won’t see on Instagram). And through our monthly discussion board and prayer wall, I will be able to hear your heart too!

You see, if I just follow the vision and hopes that God has given me, we’re selling ourselves short. I believe that heaven comes down when we link arms, stand side by side, all facing out into our corner of this world knowing that with God and the support of each other, we can make a difference. Are you with me? Do you believe that, too?

Just as I welcomed my new friend to town, I want to invite YOU to this special group of sisters inside of LO Fam. We’re so excited for you to be a part of our family.

Join now and get a week free on me 🙂

For more information check out our page here!

We love you and can’t wait to link arms.


Your friend and sister,

Sadie Robertson

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