It has been so fun going through Proverbs together! Chapter 5 is incredible, and I am so excited to dive in with y’all. I hope you feel yourself getting wiser as you read, and I hope this scripture helps lead you to answers that your heart has been searching for in your life.

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Verse 2: so that wisdom and discernment will enter your heart, and then the words you speak will express what you’ve learned.

This verse is just a starter verse to the chapter, but I do not want us to pass up a really cool point found in it. The wisdom and discernment that enters your heart WILL be expressed when you speak.

People always ask me, “HOW DO YOU KNOW SO MANY SCRIPTURES?” The simplest answer is that I study and dwell on those scriptures so, when I speak, that is what comes forth. The more consistently you study and dwell on the words, the more consistent and confident you will become in speaking them. Just like the saying, “garbage in, garbage out” applies to putting things in our heads that are not good for us, that also applies to putting good things, like wisdom, in our heads. Good or bad, what is in your heart will come out of your mouth.

Verse 3: Remember this: The lips of a seductress seem sweet like honey, and her smooth words are like music in your ears.

Verse 4: But I promise you this: In the end all you’ll be left with is a bitter conscience. For the sting of your sin will pierce your soul like a sword.

Key word: SEEM. Honey in the bible is talked about as something that is sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. In the old days, honey was often times used as a natural way of healing wounds.  Honey is also a sought-after treat, just as a significant other is sought after. All the single people say, “HEYYY–give me some honey!” Although everyone wants a honey in their life (no pun intended), it is so important that the honey you are attracted to does not just SEEM like honey, but that it actually is the sweet kind. Notice the scripture says, her words SEEM like honey, BUT they will lead you to a bitter conscience. Honey or a “honey” should not lead you to a bitter conscience. The next sentence is so real and something we all need to take seriously – “For the sting of your sin will pierce your soul like a sword.” Often times, the church and people in general look at God as if He is this judgmental, mean God determined to punish those who have been sexually immoral, but the truth is God only hates the sin because He loves you and He hates that something He made to be so good at the right time, will hurt you. He knows that is a proper time to “awaken love” as the Song of Solomon puts it. The verse does not say, “and God will pierce you with a sword” it says “YOUR SIN will pierce you with a sword.” It says YOUR seemingly bitter honey may lead you to harm and bitterness. If that has happened to you, the last thing you need to run from is God. Go stand under the Honey of God to bring healing and wholeness.

Verse 8: Don’t even go near the door of her house unless you want to fall into her seduction. Do not flirt with temptation, because you will fall for what your heart is set on desiring.

Let me expand so you can know it when you see it in your own life.

The “door of her house” may look to you like a wild party when you’re trying not to fall into peer pressure.

It may look like being around a lot of alcohol when you’re trying to quit.

It may look like inviting your significant other when your parents are not home.

It may look like clicking on an app or downloading one that causes you to lust.

Do not even go near.

Verse 12: And then finally you’ll admit that you were wrong and say, “If only I had listened to wisdom’s voice and not stubbornly demanded my own way, because my heart hated to be told what to do!”

I am just going to leave this one at that.

Verse 22: Beware that your sins don’t overtake you and the scars of your own conscience become the ropes that tie you up.

Again, notice that when it talks about sins it does not say, “Beware because God will not love you anymore and you will just overtaken by sin and left without hope.” Not to be dramatic about it, but I feel like this is the story that a lot of people have told themselves. But that is not what wisdom or love says. It says “beware” because it’s warning you o you will not harm your own heart and distract your mind from the scars that sin creates. God hates sin, because He loves you and He has everything that you desire in fullness. Wisdom will trust that and feel no need to go to the door of temptation.



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  • Avatar Sandy Scheurer says:

    When are you going on tour?

  • Avatar Damaris Velazquez says:

    This was so good!

  • Avatar Makayla says:

    You’re so inspiring, and definitely help me get into Gods word!

  • Avatar Vilas Jeevanathan says:

    Mrs. Eve ate that forbidden fruit and gave to Mr. Adam.she not told him to eat !!!!???? but he ate, even though he was well instructed not to eat. Likewise sin may hand over to us through deferent sources,it never say to us to sin, but we commit sin even though we are well instructed not to.
    The creator saw and realized the weakest will power of mankind over sin, he send his power to broke the power of sin over mankind . Whoever believe in that power, they not perish but have everlasting life. That power iiiiiiiiiiiissssssss JESUS CHRIST.

  • Avatar Annamari Snyder says:

    Thank you Sadie for making this so clear.

  • Avatar Vilas Jeevanathan says:

    Very thoughtful and practical. Thank you Sadie, JESUS LOVES YOU.

  • Avatar Lindsey Strong says:

    This was good. I really enjoyed how you put verse 8 in your own words. It really helped go into more depth of what that verse could be talking about.

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