Just wanted to say thank you for launching LO Fam. Could not have come at a more needed time in my life. So glad y’all are changing the world into a positive one.


I’m so grateful to have found LO Fam! There is so much support and encouragement it’s hard not to feel empowered and renewed.


Since I’ve joined LO Fam all of my fear seems to have melted away and I’ve really pushed myself to be open and real. I had no idea I could lead or have any kind of effect on others like I have inside the fam. This is truly changing my life. I feel like I’m becoming who God created me to be.


When I first signed up for LO Fam, I felt like my faith wasn’t growing. And this honestly helped me so much. I come on here and see everyones powerful prayers, and I really do stop, and pray. Thank you for pointing my heart towards prayer.


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