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Sadie Robertson

5 Things

I believe when we are five, the reason we are often times and weirdly our best and most fun self, is partly because of our childlike manner. But, I also think our confidence and freedom comes from the voices around us, and our parent’s protection over who is allowed to speak into our lives. We have voices of encouragement, voices of truth—voices telling us we are enough, voices tell us that we are beautiful just as we are, voices tell us how loved we are, voices telling us how to be strong when we feel weak or hurt, voices bringing out our originality, and voices disciplining us out of love.

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Thank You

And I have learned that when something seems to be impossible—whether it’s bad timing, or crazy random, if God has called you to something… fasten your seat belt and get ready, get expected, get excited, and scream YES.

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The Struggle May Be Real

I want to tell you right now…no matter what it is you are suffering from or how many options you have tried that didn’t work, or how many years you have been in the thick of it – there is an option left and His name is Jesus, and He has never lost a battle.

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Dream Big

When you dream, don’t just think about a few things you might like to do someday if they work out. Get a real dream. Make it a big dream. Make it something you could never do by yourself, something that will stretch your faith, a dream that will give God a chance to do something huge for you.

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Little By Little

If you don’t think you can do anything to make a difference, start praying. Pray that God will give you the chance you need. Ask God for a way to share His love with someone. If you can tell one person about the hope of Jesus and they tell another person, eventually you can bring a lot of change.

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