Singled Out

Season of singleness can be full of sweet moments with the Lord. Christa Smith shares the loved from her heavenly Father that she experienced then. When, and if, the Lord decides to bring you that person, you’ll be so grateful that you waited and didn’t settle along the way—even when it would have been easy to do so.

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Striving for Love

Courtney from Team Live Original talks about pushing against the need to strive in this world because we belong to this world. We belong to Jesus. We don’t have to carry the burden of striving for love any longer, because Jesus already took care of that. You’re adopted to the kingdom.

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The Sweetest Name

There is no greater picture of love than the life of Jesus. From his first cry, He was set apart—sent to redeem mankind, with the only thing that could ever make us whole; love. Sacrificial, unconditional, redeeming love.

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You will know and understand that what might seem like a good thing, might not be a God thing. He must rule and reign as the King of your heart before any other love can ever reside in its proper place.

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Agape Love

But the more I choose Him, the more I choose His ways, the more I seek His smile and embrace throughout my every day, the more I choose to live to love Him, the more I realize that I no longer house a wave of emotions.

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Love is Selfless

Sacrifice is key. If you’re not sacrificing anything, even something as simple as your time, you have to ask yourself whether or not it’s really an act of love. Because remember, Jesus is our example.

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