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I woke up with this feeling deep down inside of me that I couldn’t ignore or simply shake off. I couldn’t sit here and try to come up with something better to write about or different to share. It feels elementary and so simple and extraordinarily obvious, but here we are. Reasons why I love You. Jesus Jesus Jesus. 

Here’s how this is going to work — I’m going to share ten things I love about Jesus and pray that they encourage your heart, open your eyes, and you see Him as this in your own life, and I’m going to ask you to do the same. Grab a pen and paper, say it out loud, make a note on your phone, text it to a friend, add it to your story. Do whatever you need to do to get it from your insides to your outsides. Make agreements with truth, thank God for who He is to you, set your heart, and fix your gaze. It’s March now. So many things are so different, I’m sure, and yet seemingly the same. New years don’t erase the old and time doesn’t always heal the wounds and sickness and heartache and school and work and business and (you name it here!!) still exists. But so does Jesus. The One who makes everything “different”. Everything new. Everything lovely. Jesus. Who, seamlessly, stays the same. Perfect and worthy, loving and kind.

  1. I love that Jesus is SO real and near and with me. I LOVE His presence.
  2. That in who He is and how He loves us, He blows every expectation we could ever set out of the water. I’m amazed by Jesus.
  3. I love that who He is makes me whole. Everything I lack (which is everything without him haha!) I find in Him. I find me as he intended me to be, when I’m with him.
  4. I love that where He is, there is always more – more peace, more joy, more love, more freedom, more laughter, more hope.
  5. He is WAY cooler than we think – I mean come on y’all!
  6. That he knows me (really knows me, every thought I’ve ever had and thing I’ve ever done) and loves me, all of me, FULLY, even still.
  7. I love his personality – I love thinking about people I love. My friends and family — how FUNNY they are, how there are specific things about each of them that I treasure, and then to think that we get our personality from Him… what a GREAT personality he must have. If only we really knew!! 
  8. That He’s always there – the best friend I could ever ask for. My comforter, my love, my companion, my defender, the champion of my cause. Hand to hold and heart to rest in.
  9. That he is so into every detail. The past few months I’ve gotten to know him as my intimate redeemer. Things that people may or may not ever know about me, He knows. He redeems and restores back to better than ever before in ways I never could have imagined. If you’re waiting on a redemption story, it’s already here. His name is Jesus.
  10. He is who He is. Constant and steadfast. Faithful and true. We never have to wonder what version we’ll get that day or if he’ll feel differently about us tomorrow. No matter what room we walk into, how we feel, or any other circumstance that may change. He is who He is. 

I just love Him and he just loves us

He IS in the purest form. 

My every good thing.

What do you love about Jesus? Tell him. Tell him how much. Pour out your heart to Him and let His love restore your soul. 

Thank you Jesus. 

Sarah Tucker is the owner of Imago Dei in Franklin and Nashville, TN, where the heart behind the shop is to point people back to Jesus and serve as a reminder to everyone who visits that they are made in the image of God. She loves drinking coffee, long country drives, and spending time with her friends and family! Follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahatucker

**We at Live Original absolutely LOVE Imago Dei. Everything from the clothes to the heart behind the store is dear to our hearts. Check out their website HERE!

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  • Angie miller says:

    Thank you for

  • Meg says:

    As I was winding down, about to go to bed, God brought me to this blog post. What a simple yet SO significant idea you have established and written through this blog post. Thank you for sharing your reasons, and encouraging me and many other readers. Jesus is a friend. I love it.

  • Abby Martin says:

    I saw this on Goodreads. Such a beautiful post, Sarah! <3

  • Emily E. says:

    Wow! I love this so much. Sometimes I feel like I get so caught up in my doubts that I forget to look at how good Jesus is and why he is so worthy of putting my trust in.

  • Maria j Johns says:

    gosh….that he is our friend…our best friend….that gives me so much peace…..