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It was truly an honor to stand next to Sadie on her wedding day and watch her become Mrs. Huff! However, we are even more excited to continue to cheer both Sadie and Christian on in the coming days, weeks, and years as their beautiful story together unfolds.

As bridesmaids, we thought it might be fun to share some of the highlights from the wedding festivities with you all enjoy! There were truly so many treasured memories from the wedding, however, here are our top 10 stand-out moments!


Leading up to the wedding, Sadie had NO idea that any of her loved ones were writing special letters that were posted on the LO Blog. Each day, she got to read letters of encouragement, reflection, and advice as she and Christian prepared for the big day. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the letters:

“He knew all along the things he was preparing you for. Including this moment.” –Mrs. Korie

“Your past makes me so excited to be a witness to the future.”- 2-mama

“Our amazing Sadie, full of light and brightness, is about to shine brighter.”- Mamaw Jo

“When I look back at every memory, I only see you.”- Christian


Christian’s family hosted the most intimate, beautiful, rehearsal dinner. Family and friends gathered at the Robertson’s Farm House barn, which was transformed into an elegant venue for the night. Touches hand-picked by Sadie and Christian lined the tables, including handwritten notes to each one of their guests and gifts for those in their wedding party. A personal favorite was a gift from Sadie to all her bridesmaids, a necklace, from ABLE which most of the girls wore with their dresses on the wedding day. After everyone shared a meal together, family members and friends took turns toasting the couple, sharing fun stories, and sharing their prayers and hopes for the happy couple.


Following the rehearsal dinner, Sadie and Christian invited everyone who was in town for the wedding, out to Camp CH-YO-CA for a night of praise and worship under the stars. Honestly, it was a highlight out of all the wedding festivities. Huddled together to keep warm, a few hundred people gathered together and directed their attention to heaven. I believe it speaks so much to who Sadie and Christian are, that they would spend the night before their wedding, not just seeking the face of God, but inviting everyone to join them in it.

Closing the night, Sadie and Christian took a few moments to share with those who were in attendance that Christian’s brother had decided to get baptized and there were planning to baptize him that night in the camp pool. Those who wanted to stay joined them in celebration of ALL that God was doing and going to do during the weekend.


When Sadie first mentioned that she was going to get married on a tennis court at her parents’ house, it was hard to envision! How could an outdoor tennis court possibly be transformed into a wedding chapeL?! However, like all the things Sadie dreams up, we knew the vision would come to life…as it did. All the tennis equipment and basketball goals were removed, the turf was laid on the ground, and greenery and flowers lined the walls of the tennis court. Lights were strung overhead, creating a starlight canvas which covered the 600+ guests who attended. The result was a romantic and eloquent secret garden.


You may already know that Sadie said, “Yes, to the Dress” earlier this year at Klienfield in New York City where she found the dress of her dreams. She wore a pure white, timeless, eloquent mermaid fit dress with long gloves and a vail as she walked down the aisle to Christian. However, when it was time to party at the reception she switched into her Sherry Hill party dress and glittered tennis shoes, perfect for dancing the night away. One of the sweetest touches to the day was the display of Sadie’s family wedding dress, which was on display for all to see before the ceremony. Lord willing, one day, Sadie’s wedding dress will be added to the family history and displayed at her daughter’s wedding too.


We’ll be honest, the ceremony wasn’t a fairytale….it was better. With family friend, Louie Giglio, officiating the wedding, he spoke words of life into them and all of those in attendance. As Sadie and Christian committed to one another, they shared vows reflecting not only their deep love for each other but more than that, their mutual love for God.

In addition to the traditional vows led by Louie, they each shared personalized, handwritten vows they wrote for one another. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Following the vows, the couple shared their first communion, gathered with their family for prayer, and were pronounced husband and wife.

*Shoutout to Tauren Wells for leading worship during the ceremony to make it that much more special.


Constructed in the Robertson’s backyard, a stunning white tent housed the reception. Subtle touches of Sadie and Christian’s favorite things were laced throughout the evening. If you know them, you know they love Iced Mocha Lattes, Gracie’s Milkshake’s, and Mac & Cheese, all of which were in abundance for guests to experience. As you walked into the tent, your eyes instantly caught glimpses of the epic black and white dance checkered dance floor, beautifully lit lanterns, and eloquently decorated table. It was a party from the first moment with the live band that played all night!


Sadie and Christian decided months ago that they wanted their first dance to be “Known” by Tauren Wells. Best part, Tauren actually came and performed the song lived! We can confidently say, that this described their love so well. Sadie and Christin have fought to know and love each other so deeply as they prepared for marriage and there was not a better song to start this adventure. In true “Cradie” fashion, all guests received a vinyl of the song as a wedding favor, to remind them that they too are fully known and fully loved.


Given that one of the most important things to Sadie and Christian is celebration, we knew that this reception would be nothing short of a party. Every guest there was genuinely so eager to celebrate these two tying the knot and what better way to celebrate than to dance?!

The Robertson’s kicked off the party by a surprise choreographed dance, and from there, we danced the night away to the couples’ favorite Bruno Mars songs and so much more!

A highlight was watching Sadie and Christians’s reaction as Alfonzo Ribeiro got up and surprised us all with his rendition of “Billy Jean”. We’re telling you, the place ERUPTED with excitement!


As the night ended, we all got sparklers as headed out to driveway see these two lovebirds off. When we say they were glowing, we mean it (and it wasn’t just from sweating on the dance floor). The Huff’s were filled to the brim with joy, thankfulness, and an overflowing excitement of what was to come in their marriage. We all screamed and waved our sparklers as they hopped in, what else but Sadie’s favorite ride, her Bronco!

And that makes up our favorite moments of the magical weekend! Want more from the couple? Follow Sadie and Live Original on Instagram to stay up to date on the newlyweds!

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