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Note From Team LO: In honor of Sadie and Christian’s wedding day quickly approaching, we have invited some very special people to share letters of love, encouragement, and wisdom. Today we also have Sadie’s great grandmother, Mamaw Jo!

“Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady, that’s ME!”

I once sang this Streisand song, from Funny Girl, to a little girl, who bounced, turned cartwheels and made me laugh with delight because she was so happy. Our amazing Sadie, full of light and brightness, is about to shine brighter, with marriage to the one who makes her glow with being loved! They both bring to this marriage the joy that comes from walking with love and devotion to God. What a beautiful way to begin!

Sadie and Christian, your family cheering squad will be ready when you need us, ask for help, or guidance. You may not think you will need it or want it, until future 2:00 o’clock “feedings” come along, (and they will) when we will gladly comply.

I love you, Sadie Girl. You have made me so happy to be your Mamaw!
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Mamaw Jo

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  • Larry W Smithart says:

    You are SOOO awesome Sadie and brighten the world.best of luck.luv u

  • Zyria says:

    Dear Sadie,
    Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing you on a personal level. However… it has been such an honor growing up with you on a spiritual one. When I had next to no women consistently pouring into me and championing me on in sisterhood, there you were. We’re a lot alike, and having a women just a few years older than me live her life out so boldly, uniquely, and confidently has really led me into freedom. In so many unexpected, unexplainable ways, you have held my hand and mentored me through my teen years. I went from wandering around this little thing called life to celebrating this work of art called living. You’ve helped break down my fear, walk me out of anxiety and insecurity, and have been my teacher, mentor, and role model. Through every season of your life for the past four years, I have been praying for you. And I’ve been sooo beyond blessed to see how far you’ve come. Sadie girl, you inspire me each and every day. You motivate me in my silent struggles and God has used you and continues to use you to pour into me. And watching you fall in love with the miraculous man that God planned for you to marry has been such a gift and encouragement. I’ve loved seeing you light up even brighter than ever before, which I could’ve never thought possible. Again, I’m so so inspired and blessed by you, gorgeous!! I can’t wait to meet you one day Sis.
    Love you lots!

  • Cris-Annette Nicholas says:

    Congratulations Sadie and Christian, on your upcoming wedding. I know that neither of you know me, but I watched Sadie grow up on television. I have witnessed her go from a quiet, dipping- her- toes- in- the- water young girl, to a young woman who is so vibrant and bubbling over with a desire to share God’s love and gift of eternal life with others.
    Christian and Sadie, always make time for one another, continue to date, to do little things for one another, to enjoy one another’s interests, but not lose sight of your own. Don’t stay upset with one another, always be joyful and happy, and share your thoughts and love.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you both.
    In Christ,
    Cris-Annette Nicholas

  • Shari Owen says:

    What a joy to watch your journey – you are such a blessing to us all .. I had the pleasure of working with you at wfr LTC – your joy your faith your love for God – what an amazing gift you have been and are to us all .. Blessings and more on this new adventure .. love you Mrs. Shari