Dinner With Jesus

Laney Redmon shares a sweet story about things to do on a Friday night. She set her eyes, heart, and emotions on Jesus for an evening of quiet reflection. May her story encourage you to allow yourself to have your own story of an intimate time with Him where He meets you in a way that you’ve never experienced Him before.

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Did God Really Say?

Do you really believe what God says is true? God is trustworthy. What He says is true. Always. 100% of the time. Yes, God really did say. Use your truth against the lies. Lead others to the path of righteousness, not down the broken path of sin.

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The Sweetest Name

There is no greater picture of love than the life of Jesus. From his first cry, He was set apart—sent to redeem mankind, with the only thing that could ever make us whole; love. Sacrificial, unconditional, redeeming love.

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What If, God?

You don’t have to have it all figured out. None of us do. All you have to do is fall at the feet of the One who knows what you need. God will never lead you astray, even if the path seems rough. He knows where He’s leading you. Trust His heart—it is always good. So very good.

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The Recovering People Pleaser

YOU CAN DO THIS. Seek after God. Say no to a few things. Stay focused on your calling. Quit trying so hard to fit in, and allow yourself to fall into the Fathers arms—that’s where you belong, after all. Good bye, people pleasing. Hello, meaningful, fulfilling relationships.

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Come Out of Hiding

You don’t have to cover up your scars – they are proof that God heals. Be who you are. Share your strengths and your struggles. Give the world the gift of YOU – it doesn’t need another copy of someone else. God created you with a unique set of gifts and talents.

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