I’m a dreamer. I guess I was born that way, because I can’t remember ever not having a dream. My mom’s mother, whom I call Two-Mama, tells me that remembering little quotes and sayings is important. Although I can’t remember where I heard it, one of my favorite quotes is: “Dream big and tomorrow make your dreams reality.”

Thankfully, I have lots of family and friends who not only encourage me to dream big, but who also totally believe in me and are always there to help my dreams come true with God’s help. I believe everything starts with a dream. Every great thing definitely starts with a dream. The things that change the world start as little ideas or as little projects, and they become something big. If you do not have a dream, you do not know where you want to go or what you want to do. Without a dream, you miss out on the adventure of trusting God and giving your faith a chance to work. I want to spend the rest of my life giving my faith a chance to work. I want to spend every day dreaming the biggest dreams I can think of and then praying about them and working toward them. I hope that’s true for you too.

I want to share with you one of my favorite “dreaming” scriptures from the Bible: This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us— whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him. —1 John 5:14–15, NIV This scripture really assures us that God hears us and that we can have complete confidence in Him. But it tells us another thing too: our dreams need to be “according to his will.”

So whatever you dream, make sure it lines up with the kind of life God wants us to live. With that said, I want to encourage you to dream big. It does not matter whether or not a lot of people know about you. For a long time, I was just a praying little girl in a small town in Louisiana. I did not know how God was going to make my dream come true and answer my prayers, but I did know I had to trust Him with it. Now, of course, I have more dreams, and I am trusting God with those too. When you dream, don’t just think about a few things you might like to do someday if they work out. Get a real dream. Make it a big dream. Make it something you could never do by yourself, something that will stretch your faith, a dream that will give God a chance to do something huge for you.

Excerpted from Live Original by Sadie Robertson, copyright Sadie Robertson.

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  • Avatar Olivia Wilbanks says:

    Sadie, you did it again!!!!! Your words are full of truth, wisdom, courage, love, and faith.. You are such an inspiration to all around you, and you have changed my life in more ways than one. I have such a dominant dream in my life right now, and I know all I need to do is pray for God’s willingness for this dream to be set free. Thank you for this today! God bless you more and more!!!

  • Avatar Tiffany Villarreal says:

    Love this post! I love the way God shows up in the midst of pursuing our dreams, and even in our failures which he uses for good. Well written. XO

  • Avatar Leila Logic says:

    Thank you Sadie. All I can say is thank you.

  • Avatar Jesse Eggemeyer says:

    Thank You very much Sadie, not only for the Post and encouragement, but for sharing your life and Love for God and Jesus with so many. I’ve read all the blog post so far, they are a true Blessing and have been helpful in so many ways. They also help me to focus on the good, and are great reminders to be grateful for who we are and all we have. THANK YOU so much Sadie and all the individuals kind enough to share their story’s. Much Love, Keep it up, and GOD BLESS

  • Avatar Jenny Acuna says:

    Thank you. I have realized I don’t even dream sometimes, I just hope. I hope this will happen, I hope that will happen… but I hardly ever dream. "Get a real dream, Make it a big dream. Make it something you could never do by yourself, something that will stretch your faith, a dream that will give God a chance to do something huge for you." WOW. Those words hit me. Thank you.

  • Avatar Angie B says:

    Wow, I Love my Mom & Dad but I was told I couldn’t do the things I dreamed about doing. I didn’t have the support you have always had Sadie & here I am at 62 & still think I can’t do the things I want to do. Daddy supported me but Mom was so very degative & I had No support like you do. When DD was on t.v. I would always cry cuz your family support & defend each other & I didn’t have either of these things. I’m so proud of you Sadie & it also hurts, literally, that I didn’t have the support that your whole family has.

  • Avatar Brittney Nichols says:

    Just what I needed, girlfriend!

  • Avatar Trinity Hamilton says:

    So good, Sadie! My dream is your reality. My bestfriend and I started a blog called "Created2Shine" where we use it as a platform to shine the love of jesus, it’s like your blog! We both went to one of your Live Original events and after that is when we decided to start our own blog! Our DREAM is to one day do what your doing and travel the world and go on tour sharing the gospel and giving encouragement just like you!! YOU, Sadie Robertson, are our idol! Please reach out to us on instagram!! @trinity.hamilton12

  • Avatar Sue Jaske says:

    Hi Sadie, i don’t really have any dreams, but your encouraging words help me think about things and i really like to read what you have to offer, life is tough today and it’s good that you can go to a place and get some understanding of Jesus and the love, keep it up, Sadie.

  • Avatar Rachel Ortiz says:

    Thank you so much Sadie for these words because im barely starting to become closer to God I always was but now i think hes bringing me closer and as an 18 year old gril whos a freshman in college and doesn’t know what shes going to with her life yet this really helped and its funny because i was actually praying about this not to long ago and ive been kind of struggling on what to decide on my major and i don’t know what to do but one thing i do is that I definitely want God to shine through whatever I decide to become if that is his will for me.

  • Avatar Joe Darcy III says:

    My band teacher from high school always told us to dream big on the first day of the school year. I encourage you and everyone else that is reading this to follow your dreams! Make your dreams a reality! Just like what Walt Disney said, if you can dream it, you can do it! Thanks Sadie for being an amazing role model for our youth. We seriously need more people like you. God bless!

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