Sometimes we need to unplug to recharge.

This word changed my quarantine this month: unplug. While everyone was spending more time on social media, zooming, and staying connected, I knew I needed a break.

Confession: my screen time average was at least 10 hours/day at the start of the quarantine. That’s almost 50% of my day spent looking at my phone… scrolling and seeking.

Friends, I don’t share these numbers with pride. I simply want to be honest with you, and with others who might be facing the rising screen and scroll time in this season.

You won’t find what you’re looking for on your screen.

You will not discover true inspiration on your screen.

You will not feel real connection on your screen.

You will not be your original self on your screen.

This sounds harsh, but I’m here to share the good news of what happened when I stepped away from my screen by starting with an Instagram detox (yes, Instagram stole most of my time! ha)

And here’s why I decided to unplug: my mind was racing, wondering, and spinning all of the time. In. Out. On. Off. Moving. Never resting. Always available.

Do you ever feel as if your mind is racing? Spinning from the screens, scrolling, stimulation?

You’re in good company. You should definitely keep reading 😉

When’s the last time you checked your screen time? Or tracked your hours spent on Instagram or TikTok? You might be rolling your eyes or making excuses but trust me friends, this might be the most honest, vulnerable (and helpful!) thing you do for yourself this month.

I’m about to share how 7 days of an Instagram detox changed me.

Note: if you’re reading this and you can’t relate… I encourage you to keep reading. One day it might be you.

The day I started my Instagram detox was the day I started to dream again.

 Note: I limited myself to 30 minutes a day because of my job as a social media manager. Otherwise, I was totally off Insta the remaining 23.5 hours a day.

 For seven days, I spent less than 5 hours on Instagram and here’s what happened with my life:

I wrote a creative workshop (coming 5.4.2020 on the Fam!)

I wrote a blog.

I read 2 books.

I designed clothing.

I started journaling again.

I called my friends instead of sending them Instagram DMs.

I planted a garden.

I doodled graphics.

I read Joanna Gaines’ entire cookbook (I guess that makes 3 haha).

I learned to cook new meals.

I slept through the night.

And I spent quality time with my quarantine buddy (husband!) without scrolling.

Friends, I found new life after 7 days of saying no to one thing and yes to the right things.

I re-discovered the joy of creating more and consuming less.

I connected with God and my friends in new, deeper ways.

These seven days changed me. These seven days allowed me to return to my original self.

Did you know there’s something significant about 7 days?

I didn’t know this at the time I started my Instagram detox, but check this out! Scripture references the number 7 over 700 times as a symbol of completion, perfection, healing, and the fulfillment of promises.




Genesis 1 and 2 tells the story of how God created the heavens and the earth in seven days. He created, dreamed, and rested in seven days. This is the picture of the original state of our creator. Genesis and the Garden of Eden is a beautiful image of perfection, healing, and fulfillment.

Do you need to return to your original self? Do you need to feel like you’re in the Garden?

Let go of the thing or distraction that is stopping you from living in completion and fulfillment of Jesus. When I let go of Instagram for 7 days, I felt as if I returned to a state of Eden. A place in my mind and heart where I was free to create, dream, and step into my original self. It was the best version of me.

Are you looking for healing? Are you looking for fulfilment? Friend, I was looking in all the wrong places. Spending less time on Instagram revealed that I already had fulfillment in Jesus. It was always there, I was looking for that in my screen connections.

Walk away from your phone and find new inspiration. And I believe that you will find a new source of inspiration: Jesus.

You see, when we take away what the world offers, and we return to what God has gifted us to do, we find our original selves. We have all we need in Jesus.

I am writing to encourage you to pause whatever is causing your mind to race and your heart to be heavy. Take a minute, a day, a month to unplug. We are stepping into a new season, a season with in the sun, a space to try new things, and a time to enjoy God’s creation.

For further study of the significance of 7 days in the creative order, here are Biblical references that you can dive into.

Exodus 20:9-11 – Rest on the 7th Day

Deuteronomy 15:1-2 – Freedom in the 7th Year

Joshua 6:1-20 – Fulfillment of God’s promises after the people of Israel walked around the wall 7 times on the 7th day.

Matthew 18:21-22 – Forgiveness 70×7

Matthew 12:9-13, Mark 1:23-26, Mark 1:29-31, Luke 13:10-13, Luke 14:1-4, John. 5:5-9, John 9:1-7 – Accounts of people who were healed by Jesus on the 7th day.

Joshua 6:1-20 – Fulfillment of God’s promises after the people of Israel walked around the wall. 7 times on the 7th day.

Court Leatherwood is a dreamer and a creative. She’s a member of Team LO. Fueled by community, creativity and coffee, she spends her days moving the mission of Team LO through social media and graphic design. Court is passionate about encouraging other women in truth and love, and she loves celebrating small and big moments of life with handwritten cards. Court recently married the man of her dreams. 

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  • Avatar Ashley Lof says:

    Thank you for the inspiration! I know I spend too much time on social media and it affects my relationships and daily activities. I’m definitely going to try this!

  • Avatar JOY says:

    This is interesting! Looking forward (:

  • Avatar Morgan says:

    that was such a good message! i’m definitely going to be doing an instagram detox so that i will be able to step into my original self! thank you for sharing!

  • Avatar Kennedi says:

    I love that I saw this today because last night I set a time limit on my apps that I use wayyy to much.

  • Avatar Ella says:

    Thank you so much for this Courtney! This is another way God has been confirming what he’s been saying to me this season. A little over a year ago at youth group, we were talking about dreams and I felt like a dream I had was to create a YouTube channel sharing the love of God. However, I never got time to start because I spend to much time working on school. I wanted to get perfect grades so bad. I didn’t even spend enough time with my family. This season God is showing me how to keep a balance in my life. And yesterday, I got to make my first YouTube video on my channel! This post is really encouraging and so true for the season we are going in. God Bless! 💖

  • Avatar Anna says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I’m currently on my social media detox (I’ve done it before previously). I always feel more peaceful and refreshed during and after the detox! 🙂

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