Be Brave

So here it goes. A new season. A season of bravery. (Hopefully.) A season of clinging to the Lord because the truth is, I am desperate for Him. I want to be used by Him. But more importantly, I want to follow Him each day—whatever that looks like. To follow so closely to my Rabbi, that I’m covered by the dust of His feet.

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The Journey

This process to His promises won’t be determined by a stop watch or a finish line but by “running and not growing weary,” like the brush strokes an artist’s hands continue to make.

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Finding Balance

He began to speak to me about how it was time to stop playing God. To give it all to Him and step back – step back and worship Him with no agenda, not asking for anything, but worship Him as a daughter who loves her Father and just wants to sit in His lap and let Him hold her.

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Dream Big

When you dream, don’t just think about a few things you might like to do someday if they work out. Get a real dream. Make it a big dream. Make it something you could never do by yourself, something that will stretch your faith, a dream that will give God a chance to do something huge for you.

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