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Taylor Tippett


Redemption is a beautiful thing, because it’s ours from the beginning. It’s ours for the taking. From the minute we accept Jesus into our hearts, redemption is ours. It’s our backbone. Our climb, our fight, and our push is different because not only do we have Jesus, but we have a testimony through redemption.

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Missing Things

Whatever you are struggling with, please know you are not alone. I pinkie promise you. I want to say words to comfort you, but sometimes they aren’t enough. Let Jesus be the gap filler. Let Him be the one to calm the storm.

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Beauty in Growth

eauty in Growth by Taylor Tippett- encouragement
“Allow yourself room to heal. You don’t have to be afraid of the messy kind of growth. Our pain makes us beautiful. Our pain creates joy. And joy helps us grow. Whatever that looks like for me and you; we can grow.

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Be Still and Know

We can speak life over our pain. We have to say, “You know what, I am not okay but Jesus is STILL good. He is still faithful. I can praise Him when I am in the valleys and when I am on the mountain tops.” Even when you don’t believe it: speak it. Read His promises. Let them be the feet to your steps.

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Letting Go of Control

We can’t just cover up our sins or shortcomings by using His love as an excuse. His love is our lifeline. It’s our grace. When we continue to fall short, and we don’t spend the time to figure out what’s missing or what’s wrong, we get stuck.

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