When Fear Meets Faith

by | Aug 1, 2017 | Life Advice, Motherhood, Testimonies | 72 comments

God’s plans for you are good.

Sit back and close your eyes for a second. I want you to think really hard about what your biggest fear is. Bring it to the forefront of your mind. Maybe its snakes, spiders and bugs, or maybe it’s the scarier stuff – like failing or not being good enough. Whatever it is, I want you to think on it. Imagine being face to face with it. What would you do? How would it affect you? This is the reality I faced just a few nights ago. And I had a huge choice to make.

It was a typical night in the Wilson household. I fed, changed and bathed babies, and then chased those little rascals around the house until it was bed time. Both kids went down with ease, and my husband and I high-fived in disbelief and decided to watch a movie. What? A movie night? For parents with two kids ages two and under? A DREAM. And it was…until it wasn’t. I decided that I’d make a night of it and went to take a bubble bath. I got the water started and joyfully walked down the hall to the laundry room to grab a freshly washed towel – made complete with a Mrs. Myers dryer sheet, of course. Pure luxury. As I opened the laundry room door, a MOUSE… A STINKING MOUSE ran in from our garage, through the doggie door and INTO OUR LAUNDRY ROOM LIKE HE OWNED THE PLACE. He ran by my feet and proceeded to go behind the dryer. Yes, the same dryer that was holding my glorious fluffy towel hostage.

“We unknowingly allow fear to guide us, to make decisions for us and to unfortunately, hold us back from what we were created for.”

I was instantly crippled by fear. I started screaming and pouting, insisting that my darling husband capture the unwanted houseguest and book me a stay at the nearest hotel. Dramatic? Probably. But it’s how I felt. It’s a funny thing, fear. It has a way of crippling you and stopping you right in your tracks. And at the time, it feels so big and scary – even if it is just the size of a mouse. I found my self tip-toeing through the house, looking around for anything that might jump out and surprise me. I unknowingly gave fear the opportunity to interrupt my life, my plans and ultimately, my peace.

And as I look back on all of this, I can’t help but notice a parallel to our spiritual lives. How many times have you found yourself tip-toeing through life, trying to do everything in your power to keep things from catching you off guard? We buy into this lie that we’re in control, that if we try hard enough to plan everything out, nothing can hurt or surprise us. We unknowingly allow fear to guide us, to make decisions for us and to unfortunately, hold us back from what we were created for.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Placing our trust in God doesn’t mean we can’t be afraid, so don’t beat yourself up if you still find yourself a little nervous when God calls you to do something. Sometimes, trusting is being scared out of your mind, terrified of what may or may not happen, but taking God’s reached out hand anyways— allowing Him to guide you through the unknowns. So, with you, I’m going to take those next steps. I’m going to keep on fighting the good fight, and although it may be scary, we don’t have to fear. We have a God who has plans for us are good. (“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11) We can cling to this verse knowing that even though His plans for our lives won’t always be easy, they are always good. Will they be scary sometimes? You bet. But rest assured knowing they are setting the foundation for your future – hold on to hope knowing He won’t harm you. He’s a good Father. He won’t fail you.

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  1. Aly

    Thoroughly enjoyed this, so relatable. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  2. Stephanie

    Thank you for sharing! Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite verse. Blessings and love to you ❤️

  3. Lori Burns

    Appreciate your encouragement and God’s word reminders!

  4. Farah

    I have been struggeling with fear a lot. But I am getting more and more fearless. I am growing with God and He helps me to overcome my fear. This blog was a great support in my journey of becoming fearless. Thank you! I will pray for everyone who reads this, so that God will help them as well.

  5. Brianna

    Everyone’s fears are different, but God doesn’t change. Thank you for reminding me that he is there even in my moments of fear.

  6. Courtney

    Unfortunately I’ve lived with fear most of my life and I’m frankly tired of it. I have a fear of going into the veterinary medical field doing my externship and not remembering anything I learned in books. I feel stupid but I know I need to get it done, and I know they don’t expect me to remember everything I learned. I have a lot of fears in my life and I know that’s not how God wants me to live! He wants me to walk in freedom. Thanks for this post. I haven’t been doing a good job of trusting God to bring me to the right job lately, and so I’ve been fearful of that! Boy do u guys have good timing for your topics right now. I’d say right on point for sure with the relationship advice and then the fear lol. Thanks so much! Keep it up and God bless you guys.

  7. Alma

    wow so true , trusting God might be hard but its not impossible , all things are possible through christ he gives us the authority to fearlessly go running towards him & him meeting us in our fears ! love this

  8. Hannah

    I’m so glad that you shared this I have always been fearful of so many things, and every time I get fearful of something I just think about that verse, that the lord will always make my plans and lead me down the right path, so thanks for the encouraging word.

  9. Pauline Pierce

    This is a great blog! I so needed this!

  10. Amber

    This was really good. I definitely have been operating more in fear and distrust than in faith. It’s so easy to try and control everything ourselves than to believe God will take care of us. This is a really good reminder and definitely on point with where i am in my life right now.

  11. E. Shaina Bradley

    I really needed this today. Thank you for posting!

  12. Courtney Bosold

    Fear is such a small word to hold so much power, but it does and we continue to allow it to take up space in us. I love this thought on it, thanks for sharing Juli!!

  13. Mackenzie Greene

    Wow that spoke so much to me!! I love this. I’m so exited for these blogs I can’t wait to see what God has instored for these messages??

  14. Kedzie Yates

    This is very good., thanks for this!

  15. Leila

    I’ve learned to conquer my greatest fear- death. I learned to not be afraid of death, because if your heart is right with God, you will live in eternity with him once you die.

  16. Aniesa

    Needed this so much today. 2 years ago God called me into a season of my biggest fear – being alone. Through these years it has been tough but I am so thankful God is always there to comfort me and be right by my side. The more God calls me to, the more excitedly scared I get if that makes any sense at all! God has called me into ministry and this summer He has led me to run a VBS all by myself. I am incredibly terrified but I know God is shaping me and molding me through this experience and I could not be more thankful.

  17. Emily Hyun

    How encouraging it is to hear that God is in control. Being such a control freak myself, I try to anticipate everything coming my way and prepare for it. My high school is closing down and I’m having to transfer… and for the first time since I can remember I felt so much fear. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me! But God has been good, and this post is exactly what I hope I cling onto as I prepare for a year of the unknown, but a year of adventure and new experiences that are God-glorifying. Thank you. #liveoriginal

  18. Bella

    That leap of Faith is always the hardest… "Should I trust God? What if He fails me?" but He never does!!! Beautiful things come when we trust Him with everything we have!!!

  19. Lindsay Kate

    Love it! Fear is defintely something I struggle with, thank you for giving me a new perspective!

  20. Cory Aldouby

    I needed this today! Thank you Lord!


  21. Kelly Dean

    So needed this. Yes, He is the good Father. ???

  22. Morgan

    Great blog post…really encouraging! Each day, I look forward to reading the blog post.

  23. Elizabeth

    This is what I needed.

  24. Ellie

    Crazy how God happens to give you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it! Thank you for sharing your heart.

  25. Sydnee

    I have so many fears that control my everyday life. My main fears are failing and being abandoned. These two fears take control of my life. When I do fail, it basically feels like I am striped naked in front of millions of people. I am so embarrassed and ashamed that I have failed someone. Its even worse when I fail myself or God. I have been trying to work on these fears. Asking God to guide me and help me overcome the trials of fear. I still have those fears and still experience moments that you have described, but they are getting better. Thank you for the blog.

  26. Karley

    I love this! Blessed by these words of truth.

  27. Olivia Wilbanks

    Thank you so much for this!! I definitely needed this, and I admire you and this blog more than you and your group ladies understand. I am in awe of yall’s love for God, and it has inspired me to solely focus on Him, and live the life He has for me. God bless you all!

  28. Sara


  29. Kelsey

    this is sooooooo good. ❤️

  30. Cheryl

    Awesome post!!! Thank you!

  31. Jodi Ardito

    I love this post!!!! It’s a great reminder.

  32. Hailey

    This was such an awesome post! Fear has always been a big part in my faith but now I have been reassured that I can get past my fears and "keep fighting the good fight" with Jesus by my sife. Keep up the good work y’all. The Live Original Blog has already changed my life, how many more it will change! ❤️

    • Hailey

      side *

  33. Julie

    Beautiful writing! I can relate to this so very much!! "But rest assured knowing they are setting the foundation for your future – hold on to hope knowing He won’t harm you. He’s a good Father. He won’t fail you." And that. That is SO good. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us!!!

  34. Kels

    This is a wonderful post! However, one criticism I have is the title. Usually the first letter of a sentence should be capitalized, but especially if it’s the name of God. If you edit it that would be great! He deserves all the respect and glory! Thanks?

  35. Emily

    Wow, this is so inspiring!
    Thanks so much for sharing what was on your heart❤

  36. Tiana

    Thank you so much for sharing this post! I loved it and definitely needed to hear this!

  37. Jen

    Great reminder of his word ….. "For I know the plans I have for you",
    Powerful!! Thank you

  38. Tania

    Great post and was very excited when I saw that fear was today’s topic. But what do you do when you know what the bible says but you are still living with daily fear & anxiety?? Where it controls your life and everything in it. I have struggled with this whole life since I was a child and got worse after my mom passed away at age 18. Fear and anxiety just control me and I feel like no matter how many truths I read it doesn’t change how my body & mind react to fear and anxiety. Thank you.

  39. Mary Fogleman

    Love this!! Jeremiah 29:11 is my life verse and God keeps using it in the devotions I’m doing. I’m going to college in 17 days and I am beyond scared and it is so cool to see God telling me everything is ok and he has got this I just have to let hime take control.

  40. Lillie

    It’s like you read my mind! My fear is fearing that I will walk my own path and draw far rather than near to the Lord. This helped me have a better perspective of what great things God has in store for us !

  41. chr


  42. Allisyn

    Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite verse! I had super scared of fires, lightning, and any other natural disasters. Recently, I was at bible camp and a huge, nasty storm hit. It was scary. We had quite a few trees down, and one even smashed a counselors car. When we started singing songs, the songs just called me and made me realize that God was in control. Even though one of my friends was in a different building than me. And, no on got hurt or injured during it, so that’s what really mattered. Thx for writing a blog! It was very encouraging

    • Allisyn

      I am super scared of firs, lightning, and any other natural disasters.

  43. Lily Crosby

    Thank you Juli for this great message! Jeremiah 29:11 is such a good verse to look to when I am doubting anything. Whether it’s school academics, sports, friends, etc., I just pull out my bible and read this verse and it gives me comfort to know that God is in control- he has plans to prosper, not to harm, and plans to give hope and a future. Thank you so much Juli for this inspiring message! ❤️

  44. Madison

    I have so many fears and you definitely made me see that God has a plan for you and you don’t have to fear! Huge inspiration!❤

  45. Gabby

    Thank you for your post! Fear is something I immensely struggle with, so to see this post brings joy to my heart. On Jan 20th, I was in a school shooting. I will never forget crying out to our Father, that He be in control of what was happening to my peers and I. But God is faithful. My darkest hour scariest moment, and worst fear brought so much light. I watched myself, family, friends and my community draw nearer to God. God allowed a terrible thing to happen to us, but He never failed me. And although I constantly struggle to live w/o fear, I know that the Lord is faithful.

  46. Amanda fortner

    This is amazing !❤️ I’m so glad I read this ! I believe God led me to it because I was about to do my ordinary things like get on snapchat but I thought about my ‘ I am second ‘ bracelet and I stopped and said I am going to take my time for God now and then He sent me to this!❤️God is amazing

  47. Casie Lamb

    I really needed to read this tonight. I have a ton of fears. Fears of not being good enough, fear of my love isn’t okay on a trip, fear of losing people and so forth. My faith has been a bit rocky lately, and I have recently started to pray, started to read my bible and started to get involved in my bible studies again. I will always be nervous when God calls me to do something that I am not used to, but you know God is amazing and He can do no wrong. Thank you oh so much for this blog post tonight. I’m learning to stop living in fear and just live in God’s truth.

  48. Joan

    Thank you.

  49. Savannah Higginson

    Savannah Higginson
    I love this! Going through some stressful things and I realized my fear and I have decided to let God take it and make something great come from it!

  50. Rebecca Kilpatrick

    I am about to embark on one of the scariest journeys of my life: college. I will be moving six hours away from home to an unfamiliar place. Over the years, I have developed a strong fear of being alone. I also fear not being good enough. I ask that anyone who reads this will pray for a smooth transition. Pray that my anxiety will take a back seat so that I can experience all the wonders God has for me.
    This devotional offers me hope in the future. I thank you and God for writing this piece together to bless so many hearts.

  51. Madeline

    I love this! I’ve never thought about it like that.

  52. Faith

    This is such a good read. Being a girl who is moving off to college in a week, it’s a good reminder to not be afraid, but to have trust and hope in Him. ❤️

  53. Brittany Robinson

    This is so great! I’m worry at a Christian summer camp this year and it has tested my faith so much. I often have a fear of failing my bosses and even failing the kids by maybe not being about to ask hard questions or help them understand things better! My biggest thing is running to God and this just reassured me to go to him and that he is in control and loves us!

  54. Savannah

    I needed to hear this, my dog just passed away and I’m about to start fresh next semester in college. It’s all very stressful and I’m just looking for less fear of the unknown and more peace. Thank you for this encouragement !

  55. Alexandria

    This was great, definitely touched close to home. I am going back into my junior year of college, and recently found out I am going to be a five year senior. Because of that, I have been feeling like a failure, but at the end of the day I need to remind myself to not be afraid, and trust that God has a plan for me even when I feel like all the plans I have are coming un-glued.

    • H R

      Hey, please don’t ever feel like a failure. I’m going to be a sophomore in college (credit-wise, I’m a junior). I found out recently that I, too, am eventually going to be a fifth year senior. It’s not a terrible thing. I really feel that students in high school should be told this. I had no idea until last semester that most people don’t graduate in four years. I know that you probably had your heart set on graduating, but please don’t lose hope! God has you there for a reason. It may take a while to figure that out, but until then, you just have to trust Him. I’m sending much love to you. Stay strong in your faith! 🙂

  56. Matt

    I think Sadie said, 5 seconds of courage is better than a lifetime of regret, I need to remember how true this is in those moments.

  57. Marina

    Love love this thank you !

  58. H R

    I needed this so much. Tonight, I sinned against God because of fear. I was afraid of being persecuted by my family. I didn’t give Him the glory when I should have. May that be a lesson learned and change me for the better. Fortunately, we serve a loving, forgiving, and redeeming God!

  59. Grace

    Me being a person that fears literally everything, am so glad I got to read this today as it gave me courage knowing that my God is in control❤️

  60. Erica

    I needed this so much! I’m dealing with something scary in this season of my life but knowing God is control makes it so much easier!

  61. Ashlyn

    Thank you so much for this!! I have had some major changes the past year and have found myself paralyzed by fear so many times. Thank you for this reminder that God is and always will be in control.

  62. Kellee P

    Great blog post on fear, I defiantly needed this! ❤️

  63. Robin

    It’s not wrong to be afraid…it’s wrong when fear keeps you from doing something that God has called you to do. I love this!!

  64. Rei

    Loovee it! Beautifully written

  65. Maegan Gunner

    YES! He is good even when we don’t understand. Thank you for sharing!!

  66. Kiersten Dreiling

    I loved this! Lately my pastor has been talking about faith but also tying fear into his messages also. Something he said is that we can be strong in faith, or we can be weak in faith. Yielding to our fear can make us weak in faith. I still yield to fear at times, but I am working on it.

  67. Melissa Green

    I know I’m a little late reading this but it perfect for today. yesterday I was beating myself up because there was something I should have done but felt terrified to do it. I’m struggling with trusting God completely. I have a lot of fears of rejection and insecurities that keep me from doing things that everyone does with ease. I would like to grow beyond my fears. And truly be able to step out more in faith. And maybe that means doing things even if I am completely terrified.

  68. Tiahnah Ferguson

    Needed this tonight! Thank you!

  69. Jennifer Callahan

    Such a good reminder – we just need to let our faith be bigger than our fear. And I would have totally freaked out over the mouse, too.

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