Rest. As a wife and mama to two boys ages two and nine months, that word seems so irrelevant. What in the world is rest!? Does that happen before or after the house is cleaned, meals are prepped and tantrums are settled? With so much work to be done, rest seems like a foreign idea. Here’s the thing, I know taking the time to rest is important – I preach that to my kids all day long. If they miss a nap, I know chaos will soon follow. Why? Because they are burnt out. If they go, go, go without proper rest, they’re bound to crash, and no parent wants their child to feel that way. We want them to feel whole, rested and at peace. That doesn’t happen if they don’t get the time needed to sit back, relax and reflect. Somewhere along the way, I’ve forgotten that rest is important for mama’s, too. I’ve lived many days burnt out, exhausted and in need of a restart.

Maybe you find yourself in a similar situation today. Perhaps your hands are full of index cards and text books, studying tirelessly to ace that next test, or maybe you’re working that 9-5, and then racing to your part-time job so you can save up for that house you’ve always dreamed of. Wherever you are, whatever is on your plate, I can almost guarantee you this – you’re tired, and you need a refresh.

I can’t help but think about how God must feel as He looks down on us – running around endlessly, burning the candle at both ends of the stick. Trying so hard to make ends meet, keep up appearances, and measure up to that never-ending to-do list. He never intended for us to feel exhausted or worn out, and the great news is we don’t have to. Peace, that sweet kind that surpasses all understanding, is found at His feet. You don’t have to run in circles searching for purpose, you just have to fall at His feet. That is your purpose – to know Him and to make Him known. And to know Him, you must rest in His presence.

In Genesis, after creating the universe, God decided to rest. He found it to be such an important part of existing, that He made a whole day set aside for it – the Sabbath. He even goes as far as to call it holy. I don’t know about you, but I want a heart that looks like God’s. I want to chase after holiness, after what He calls good, and he says rest is on that list. Did you just sigh a breath of relief? I sure did. Work is a good thing, and we’re called to be diligent, working with all our might to honor our heavenly father. Here’s the beautiful thing though – God knows the weight of our calling. He knows we’re going to get tired, and He intentionally offers us the gift of rest. Don’t be afraid to open it up.

“I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.” Jeremiah 31:25

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  • Avatar Jennifer Lewis says:

    Just what I needed to hear tonight. Thank you.

  • Avatar maddie moak says:

    idk why this doesnt have so many comments bc i read this and i completely related!! school and friends and family and clubs and sports and events all consume so much time and energy and they are things that i choose to be involved w but sometimes we just need to rest. i feel like i go nonstop and then finally get a chance to relax at midnight, but still even then my mind isnt at rest. then you have to wake up for school or work or meetings before the sun and its just a never ending cycle. im gonna try and intentionally set aside sunday as a day of rest and a day for jesus. thank you for posting!!

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