It is kind of funny to think about, but have you noticed how some of the people who inspire us the most are the ones that did what they were told they could not do? Here’s an example, “No way, you can’t land on the moon. That is impossible”, but they did, and we are still talking about it today. I am a strong-willed person, so when someone tells me I can’t do something, it fuels me to go after that very thing. I love a good challenge, but what happens when God throws a BIG curve ball in YOUR life plan, and you are instantly faced with all the potential I cant’s?

When God chose me to have the first set of all girl quintuplets in America, I was instantly scared and shaken. I was faced with an intense feeling that told me I can’t do this. I had to learn to accept the truth that I was right – this is NOT something I can do. I must depend on God’s strength in me to carry out this plan. I have to strive to be righteous, which comes down to having faith in Jesus. Paul explains this in Romans. Once we acknowledge we can’t do this thing alone, we can do anything because HE is our strength!

Righteousness depends not on what we can do, but on what God has already done.

“For we live by faith, not by sight.”  2 Corinthians 5:7

“So that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.”  2 Corinthians 2:5

Over the last few years of my life, I have heard these phrases specifically directed at me:

  • “Danielle, your body cannot handle the stress of a high-risk quintuplet pregnancy.”
  • “Danielle, you cannot deliver five healthy babies.”
  • “Danielle, you cannot breast feed/pump for five babies.”
  • “Danielle, you cannot survive on one income.”

And the one that is thrown out daily is this, “Danielle, your marriage can not and will not survive”.

What do you do with comments like this? Especially the ones that are thrown directly at you?

You must remember who you are, and whose you are. God chose me, in spite of me! Despite my failures, sins and flaws. It’s so humbling to know He saw me fit to become the Mother to these sweet girls. I was faced with a difficulty, scary, and unknown life change, and I’ll tell you, my doubts were strong. Faith transforms the heart, and it will give you the ability to prosper when you are faced with all of life’s cants.

To all the “Danielle you cant’s” I shared above, I have to say…everyone was right. I couldn’t, but I had faith that God would give my body the ability to have a healthy high-risk pregnancy. He enabled me to nourish all five girls. I had faith that God would protect these babies in my womb until we reached the Doctor’s delivery goal, and He did. I had faith that God would allow my body to produce enough breast milk for my five NICU babies, even when I was not able to produce any milk with my first child, and He did. I had faith that God would provide for us when we went from a family of three to eight overnight. I was faced with the decision to stop working, which inevitably meant raising our family on one income, and He provided. I had faith that God would protect my marriage, even with all these new challenges, and He has. I know I can’t do this new life of mine well on my own, but by trusting in God and relying on His strength, I can do this new crazy, wild, hard, stressful life well because He gives me the ability to do it.

God is faithful, and we can hold tightly to his hand knowing He is stronger than we are. He will lead you in the right direction. He will give you the strength needed to walk the path He leads you down. Have Confidence in a faithful God.

Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen.

Father, it can be so hard for us as humans to acknowledge and admit the things we can’t do. I pray You will begin a fresh work among us, to show us that even when our strength is gone and we feel like we can’t more forward, you always can. I pray we will strive to know you more, to ask the hard questions and to dig into your word for the answers.

Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what’s to come.

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  • Avatar Nolee Feiock says:

    Beautiful, Danielle, just beautiful. You have encouraged me to see that activating my faith instead of my fear in my own current situation is what will be honored by God. I watch you every week and you are truly a God-sent inspiration to millions of us who love your entire family.

  • Avatar angela conklin says:

    This means so much to me…a person who wants to try to do it all on her own! I can’t. But God………….
    Thank you for being an example of faith and trust. I admire you! http://www.lovebeinganonny.com

  • Avatar MC Newton Schebil says:

    Thank you, Danielle! Gr8 blog post! When I can’t see His hand, I will trust His heart…this often gets me through the day! Sending a few extra prayers your way, right now!

  • Avatar Annette R says:

    This is inspiring. You are inspiring. Adam is inspiring. Last night’s episode of outdaughtered was inspiring. I cried tears of solidarity with you. My husband is struggling with life after the birth of our first child. He has rapid cycling bipolar disorder and it has become worse since our girl was born. I wish he had the strength Adam had to recognize the problem and deal with it. I wish I knew what to do…

  • Avatar Sheryl Carlson says:

    Very well said, Danielle! Walking out faith in spite of fear usually isn’t the easiest path but it’s always the most rewarding! Love watching your family every week; you all are a fun bunch of encouragement to a lot of people!! Keep on keeping on! 🙂

  • Avatar JoAnne Rudzonis says:

    You are an inspiration and I believe in my heart all I need is my faith. For without my Faith I am only a human wondering around with no direction. May God Bless you and your entire family today and always.

  • Avatar Gail Marie says:


  • Avatar Gail Marie says:

    Amen. This is so freeing.

  • Avatar Maricarmen Foster Bates says:

    So beautiful!! My eyes are tearing up!! Love your faith…God is so good!

  • Avatar Leticia Luna says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your personal life experiences with us through your show. Last night’s show brought me to tears. I haven’t gone through depression and neither has my husband or any family member. I went through a different situation where I felt alone and I would ask myself so many questions that you brought up in last night’s episode.
    My prayers are with you and your entire family. You’re a true inspiration as a mother, a wife, a daughter and sister. God bless each of you ?

  • Avatar Brittany Arthur McAllister says:

    So inspiring and timely! Thank you for sharing!

  • Avatar Elizabeth Lancaster says:

    Thank you for sharing your story it was very inspirational. Stength and courage comes from God, and you display those so evidently. I’m sending prayers for your family!

  • Avatar Amy Bayless says:

    I’m so thankful for your heart for the Lord. Thank you for BOLDLY living your life in front of the world!

    And a last -"Danielle , you CAN’T fail living for Christ!"

    1 Timothy 1:12
    I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, putting me into service,

  • Avatar Stephanie Rinaldi says:

    I LOVE THIS! God surely has blessed your family and I love being able to watch your kids grow up along the way! Such a strong and beautiful family that I hope to meet someday? I love the busbys!! #outdaughteredfan ❤️

  • Avatar Angelica Hernandez says:

    Thank you so much Danielle, this post hit home for me. You are an inspiration and I enjoy watching your family grow and experience new things. Thank you for being a light in this world!

  • Avatar Mandy Castillo says:

    Amen. Well done on your message.

  • Avatar Lynn Mills says:

    Danielle- I first discovered your story (and family) on you tube. It came up bc my oldest daughter (all girls too!) enjoys watching you tube families. I have been fascinated with multiples and wondering myself what I would do in these situations. I got hooked on those adorable 6 girls and how humbly you handle the challenges life throws you. Now, I see your a wonderful writer as well and just as much a Christian as you claim to be. Thank you for sharing this blog’s thoughts with us. I will continue to follow where God Leads you on TLC Go and instagram (and I’ll try not to obsess on adorable those 6 girls are!! Lol) many blessings to you and your beautiful family of 8!

  • Avatar Nikki Sparks says:

    Thank u Danielle! I needed to hear that! U r very inspiring! – Nikki Sparks Jonesborough,Tn

  • Avatar Lori Cullember says:

    Thank you, Danielle, for sharing this. I really needed to read this blog as I have been struggling with "I can’t…" for a while now. You are an amazing woman who walks with God and is used to speak to millions of woman weekly on Out-daughtered! Thank you so much!!!

  • Avatar Shelby Lewis says:

    You are so inspiring to many women out there! Thank you for sharing your story with us! God is so good!

  • Avatar Lenette Heideman says:

    May the Lord continually be with you, as you bless all who are following you. He has put you in this place for His purpose. God Bless You. Just another Memaw

  • Avatar Kristin Souffrant says:

    This ? Thank you for your transparency. You are such an inspiration and we have so enjoyed watching your family grow.

  • Avatar Rachel Sculley says:

    You are an awesome person.

  • Avatar Kayce Isham says:

    Thanks for sharing! It was just what I needed to hear! ❤️

  • Avatar Missi Y says:

    Love your blog! Blessings to you. Jeremiah 29:11 came to mind or me, among others. Thank you for the gentle reminder if how great is our God. In my weak times, I have his strength, he will not abandon nor forsake me.

  • Avatar Odalys Garcia says:

    You are amazing. I have a one year old and when it gets tough I think about you and how you do it with five and then mine doesn’t seem so hard. You are an inspiration to all moms.

  • Avatar Jessica Banker says:

    Wow Danielle. Your heart for God is strong. I am blessed with your words of wisdom. Thank you for showing your examples so that I can see God is working in me as well.

  • Avatar Marci Blount says:

    Wow, this is truly inspirational, it made me realize a lot in life, me and my sister watch you and your family on out daughtered and you can clearly see the light from God showing through you and your family, I admire you in so many ways it’s just amazing how God is good! This is just amazing thank you.

  • Avatar P. Joy Webster says:


    You CAN keep the quints from poking each others’ eyes out.

    You CAN toilet train them.

    You CAN figure out how to support Adam in his depression.

    You CAN find one-on-one time for Blayke and Adam.

    You CAN find the help you need for daily chores.

    Adam, you CAN overcome your depression with time, and God will use your experience to help other men going through the same thing.

    Adam, you CAN be a good father – you already are!

    Adam, you are not the sole provider for the family. God is. You CAN rest in Him and trust Him for the girls’ future needs like college tuition, etc. Enjoy each day as it comes, and worry about 2035 in 2035.

    Your marriage CAN thrive. Continue cleaving to each other and the girls, continue asking for help, and schedule time for rest.

    Your sister in Christ,


  • Avatar Victoria Sandoval says:

    You are so right! We can’t do this with out our Heavenly Father. Thank you for reminding me. Sometimes I think am I doing a good job as a mom and as a wife. But yes with God we can do it!

  • Avatar Donna Bramsway says:

    You did well Danielle! Your belief is inspiring. You and Adam have your hands full and am sure it can be very overwhelming. Keep on your path and keep your eyes on God and your faith. Love your show.

  • Avatar Annette Sadlack Peterson says:

    Love you and your family! Thank you for doing such a sweet show- we love watching you. Thank you for sharing this. God bless you all!

  • Avatar G Fear says:

    Danielle, you are so inspiring. I watch your YouTube channel and Outdaughtered, and you and Adam work so hard to create an ideal life for your six girls, and I think you guys are doing an insanely awesome job. Though it may not always feel like it, you are so calm and collected for the amount of effort you put into being a good mom

  • Avatar Rhonda Kay Gaynor says:

    As the mother of two daughters, grandmother of 6 and great grandmother of one, I am always blessed at the Godly way you and Adam raise your sweet family. Your family is in my prayers and I know God will daily protect and provide for each of you. You abide under the shadow of the Almighty! This Arkansan loves the Busby’s!

  • Avatar Jessica Trimmer says:

    I love this post, Danielle! As a mother of three under the age of five, your attitude is so inspiring to me! Thank you for sharing your life and story!

  • Avatar Hailey Mahadeen says:

    This is amazing! Absolutely adore this message!❤️

  • Avatar Kathy Lowrey says:

    Wow…. I’ve never watched your show but I want to now! You are an inspiration and the reason you have "made it" is because God is in control and that’s who you put your faith in!

  • Avatar Jan Hernig says:

    Wow your blog speaks volumes to me. I will have faith in God when thinks look impossible. He did it for you he will do it for me. Thank you for showing me what trusting in God and having faith looks like!!

  • Avatar Catherine Alfred says:

    Danielle, what wonderful words! We can do all things though Christ who gives us strength! I enjoy your show so much and love seeing your sweet babies and Blayke. Prayers for you and Adam as you raise those beautiful girls. Catherine Alfred

  • Avatar Emily Hudson says:

    Danielle your blog was such a blessing to read. Keep looking to Him for everything. Thank you for sharing your faith and family with the world. Praying for you and your sweet family.

  • Avatar Allison Mercey says:

    You are an amazing woman and role model. I’ve been through what I thought was the toughest time of my life, an addict and all that came with active addiction. Well, today, I’m 3 years clean. It’s hat’d work but with God in my life, I can do all things because He gives me strength.
    Last week, I was given some more hard news, my 23 year old daughter just got dx with ovarian cancer. Right when I thought I couldn’t handle any more trials, bam!! But I can safely say that God’s got this! We will overcome. God bless you and your beautiful family, you are a great inspiration.

  • Avatar Kirsten Anderson says:

    Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing this 🙂 it’s been fun to watch the show and you are such an encouraging light in this world! Keep shining!!!

  • Avatar Paloma Scott says:

    So proud of you ! Its amazing that even with what’s going on around your life you still manage to keep your focus on God ! And keeping God first in your life ! God bless you

    “But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be given to you.”
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭12:31‬ ‭

  • Avatar Lisa Johnston says:

    Danielle you did great! What a testimony. Thanks for sharing this as well as your family with us every week.

  • Avatar Regina wood says:

    Danielle, that was absolutely beautiful and uplifting. I have six children and have had a rough few years. Most of my days are spent wondering why? Why do I feel worthless? I read your words carefully as to take everything you said in and try to truly understand. I may be alone without true friends and a supportive husband. But I believe in God and what he can do. I guess I just need to start fresh with him and really learn what he needs from me. You are amazing and learning more about you through this, makes me hopeful that God will bring someone into my life to walk with me along the way. Meaning a friend, lol.

  • Avatar Cheryl Corey says:

    LOVE!!! Great job, Danielle! I’m sure Sadie is so glad she asked you to blog! LOVE your show, and enjoy watching your girls every week, what a pleasure! (Sadie, we sadly miss your show! LOVED Duck Dynasty!!) God definitely has all of you in the palm of His hand through this crazy, busy life!

  • Avatar Jo Anna Price says:

    We were never blessed with children (6 miscarriages, one with twin boys), so seeing you prosper has been a huge blessing to me. Thank you.

    Jo Anna Price

  • Avatar Jennifer Johnson says:

    Awe! Well said and bless you and your family!!

  • Avatar Rebecca Berson says:

    Love love love!!! Thank you for this, this came to me at the perfect timing ❤

  • Avatar Tiffany Olson says:

    Aren’t the comments people make mind blowing? When I got breast cancer I had 3 people tell me my husband would leave and 1 person tell me that I should just pray to die. His reasoning was that life is so hard, I should count my blessings that I might have been given a way out.?

    Quintuplets!? You go girl!

  • Avatar Lesia Feltner says:

    Thank you I really needed this tonight going thru hard patch in my life right now and watching your show helps to see your family and god bless you and your family thanks again

  • Avatar Kaitlyn Hardee says:

    I love her and the whole Busby family! Thank you Danielle!

  • Avatar Janine Heatley says:

    Thank you so much for reminding me that even when I can’t, He can!

  • Avatar Sarah McFaul says:

    Thank you Danielle. My Daughter was a nicu baby as well. Love seeing your family weekly. Love the strength you guys show and pull from God!
    This blog is a great reminder ❤️

  • Avatar Priscilla Miramontes says:

    Your words are so inspiring. My husband had cancer 3 yes and was told we couldn’t have kids. Years later we got surprised with twins! Our miracle baby boys. Watching your show and seeing how patient you are is so motivating for me to be strong for my family. You guys are awesome and babies are adorable.

  • Avatar Jessenia Ozell says:

    You and your husband are doing a great job thank God for people like you who are an amazing testimony of what God is able to do! Amazing .

  • Avatar Amanda Fortner says:

    God is amazing ❤️

  • Avatar Kayla Wells says:

    God is so amazing! You can always count on God! That made my day!!! You’re amazing Danielle!! I love that!!

  • Avatar Dennis Jackson says:

    My Wife and I so enjoy your family.
    cheers to you all
    Dennis and Susie Jackson

  • Avatar Denise Kohler says:

    Wonderful post!! I love watching your show and those beautiful babies. Those "5" girls have a wonderful big sister.

  • Avatar Sana Chanu says:

    Adam and Danielle are the best parents im the world … your family are the best .. my blessing love are with always you all… love from Northeast India

  • Avatar Erica Torres says:

    This is so inspiring! I have 8 month old triplets and I can relate to every word written! Faith and Jesus get me through everyday. Oh, AND coffee ?

  • Avatar Laura Dorey says:

    How inspiring and up lifting! Your family is absolutely beautiful! I love how you two interact with each other thru bad and good. Always positive always encouraging and always standing by one another’s side. God bless all of you and we absolutely love your show!

  • Avatar Lynsey Ross says:

    Such an encouraging post. Words that encourage and build up while rich with Godly wisdom.

  • Avatar Stefanie D says:

    I am going through some new mommy struggles. This post and your show have been really inspiring. Thank you for sharing. God bless you and your family.

  • Avatar Deb Haley says:

    Thank you for your strong faith and a big "thank you" for sharing, spreading your beliefs and not cowering to the disbelievers and negativity that we all know you constantly hear as a public figure. The world can be negative, but in God’s faith, we will survive. You are an inspiration to so many who have less burdens than you do. God Bless all of you, and kiss those babies for us! 🙂

  • Avatar Erin McKinney says:

    This is honest, inspiring and encouraging. Thank you for sharing with us!! <3 – Erin McKinney

    • Avatar Erin McKinney says:

      I’ve been married 7 years and my husband and I are planning to try for our first soon. Watching your show has actually inspired me and made me more excited about the idea of motherhood! God’s definitely working through y’all to encourage others!

  • Avatar Elizabeth Quick says:

    I absolutely love this… No one should let any human bring them down due to their word choice or actions toward you. God is the only one that can judge you and people need to realize that and start blocking out the haters because whatever they say you cant do, God says you can with him right beside you through the walk. God will not leave you because he knows what is right for you and your path in life because he has it all planned out for the future.

  • Avatar Bayley S says:

    I honestly do not watch yall’s show faithfully, but something weird happened about a month ago. My family and I were sitting together watching yall’s show and yall started talking about the struggle between your marriage sometimes. At first I was surprised at how open and honest yall were while being filmed. Then, a thought popped into my head, "I wonder if they go to church somewhere?" So I asked my sister that question and she said that she thought yall had spoken about that on the show before, but she wasn’t quite sure. Then, it was like God kinda spoke to me and said, "It can’t hurt to pray for them, Bayley. You have My Power within you to do this kind of stuff, even if you do not know it." So you know what I did that evening? I prayed for yall. 🙂 I prayed for all of yall’s girls, your families, and your marriage. 🙂 Seeing my subscription email earlier say "Danielle Busby" I was instantly like NO WAY! This is God answering my prayer! I was curious about yall and all you had to endure through your life as parents of quintuplets plus one! Now that I know your faith is strong in Jesus, it fills me with peace and almost allows my heart for yall to rest. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this, Danielle and for being so honest! Love you and your family!

  • Avatar Karis Loos says:


    Love love love your faith in the One who created, nourishes and sustains us all! May God watch over your beautiful family and continue to guide you through all of the coming changes and life decisions you will face. I will be praying many blessings for you all.

    In Christ’s love,
    Karis Loos

  • Avatar Megan Woolsey says:

    Just what I needed today! Well said and thank you for reminding me that it’s all in God’s hands and the minute I try to do things on my own I will fail. I need to stay focused on him

  • Avatar Grace Pindi says:

    Wow?? This really spoke to my heart. Thank you for sharing your story danielle, it truely is one of a kind❤️

  • Avatar Gretchen Johnson says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart…..just what I needed to hear today! Love that you love God, life your family and love life. A true example of leaning on the strength of our Lord!

  • Avatar Nicole Richey says:

    AMEN! He is the God of the impossible! I am facing so many "mountains" right now in a health situation with my daughter BUT GOD is bigger, better, MORE THAN able and so FAITHFUL! As a mom of 4, you encourage me and remind me that I CAN do it AND I CAN manage the hills and the valleys as we climb and destroy this mountain with my sweet BRAVE GIRL Phoenix!!! ((www.facebook.com/prayforphe or entire story in order is on her gofundme-> http://www.gofundme.com/prayforphoenix ))

  • Avatar Victoria Reynolds says:

    I am praying for you and your precious family. We have twin grand babies in our family and think that is total chaos at times. I can only imagine having five babies at once. I admire your tenacity and strength. May God continue to bless you and keep you and Adam in his care.

  • Avatar Susan Gage says:

    Thank you – for sharing your Faith!

  • Avatar Teresa Ross says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, it is very inspiring. Please know that I pray for you and your precious family. God bless each of you.

  • Avatar Cristi Combs says:

    Love your Family Hazel steals my heart RyeRye makes me laugh LoeLou is sweet Ava is a joy Parker is the Leader and Blayke is an amazing big sister,you and Adam are an inspiration!

  • Avatar Diana Gerhardt says:

    Danielle I love your show and your beautiful daughters. You are an inspiration to all women. This blog is beautiful and such a great reminder of whose we are. Sorry to hear last night on TV about Mimmie’s house. Sending her love and prayers.

    Thank you for being you.

  • Avatar Paxie Robinson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your faith and your story! I love watching your show. I’m 23 and have twin girls that are almost two. They were born a month early and had to stay in the NICU for a few weeks. It definitely was the hardest thing my husband and I have ever been through. We have been blessed in so many ways! I have to say having two at one time and being so young is a challenge everyday for me but watching your show and how great you handle 5 shows me I can definitely handle just two! You are a great mom and with God you can do anything.

  • Avatar Rhiannon Handford says:

    I loved reading your post! I have seen / watched your TV show. Every time I watch it I always say "Wow she is so brave and has a wonderful positivity about her." It is also nice to know there are couples out there who don’t give up on their marriage because it’s too hard no matter what their life looks like. And knowing God is with you no matter what life throws at you, you will make it through the hard times because of Him.
    Rhiannon Handford

  • Avatar Carole McChriston says:

    Wow Danielle! As I watch your show I am so impressed by your strength. Reading your blog I see where your core strength comes from, your faith in God. I am so proud of the young woman you are, an example to all. Stay in God’s word and stay strong for your journey. God is using you in a mighty way.

  • Avatar Carol Pagel says:

    Danielle, you shouldn’t have been nervous. This is really good!

  • Avatar Christy Shields says:

    It is God to gives me strength and in him I can do all things.

  • Avatar Cristina Ayala says:

    I love this story!! So many of us are told in various ways that we can’t…. But we can with the strength that God provides. He is the one whom nourishes and uplifts us when we ourselves really cannot. Trusting in the Lord is all we can and should do. May God continue to bless your beautiful family and everyone’s in this world!!

  • Avatar Melissa Caulfield says:

    Just started watching the show recently and I’m inspired by your genuineness, strength, positivity and most of all your love and respect for your family! And encouraged and inspired that your in such great shape! ( maybe you can do a write up on diet and exercise!

  • Avatar lynne wetzel says:

    Thank you!!

  • Avatar Stacey Stewart says:

    I have been watching your show since it first began. I am so impressed with how you cope with all that you have on your plate and you do it with a smile. God can carry all that we can’t and is always willing to carry our burdens for us. So happy to hear that he is at the center of your life and guiding you through life with your family safely in his hands. You are an inspiration to me! By the way, you look amazing!! You go girl!
    Stacey Stewart

  • Avatar Beth Hubbard says:

    Danielle you and Adam absolutely amaze me with your love patience and faith. I love watching your show and learn so much from you.

  • Avatar Jessica Johnson says:

    I was head strong in my career and finally decided after 15 years of working my tale end off, it was time to have children. Well, that didn’t happen for us as it was supposed to. In 2015 I had surgery to diagnose me with what they were hoping not to find, which was Endometriosis. Well they did and it was one of the worst cases my specialist in Dallas had ever seen. That diagnosis led to a medically necessary surgery once again 3 months later, in which I ended up having to receive a Blood Transfusion. Not just a little blood that I needed, but I needed a bunch, 6 bags is what it took to save my life that morning. I was informed before the surgery of my "sentencing" as I called it at the time, that I was an In Vitro Fertilization patient only at this point and that there is 0% chance of getting to conceive naturally, that the illness was just too bad. After time has gone by I began to realize that I am not sentenced or punished by God, that he had a plan for me all along, it was me that had to listen to what that calling was. He spoke to me a million times a day from that day til now even. I am working, currently enrolled in Nursing School as well that I pay for out of my own pocket and I want to become a Nurse Practitioner. I have to help women that are/were like myself. Many women undiagnosed because of health care issues or just no education on the illness. Not many Drs know much about this illness other than 1. It’s Hereditary 2. Stress and red meat spreads it all throughout your body 3. All patients have IBS-C & IBS-D 4. Only surgery can tell you that you have Endometriosis, there are NO test that exist at this time because not enough is known about it yet. NO MEDS and NO CURE EXIST EITHER!!! I also plan to advocate for Women’sReproductive rights and Health Care Laws to protect us. Our Health care system has price gouged the cost of Reproductive procedures(IVF & IUI) in the USA and it’s disgusting. A family like myself shoudnt have to go down to one car, refinance their houses or even selling their house in general to move in with other family. Just to be able to afford to have a procedure to have children that they can afford in the beginning, before you took someone who you know is desoperate and their last option to have a family and put such an extravagant price tag on it. It is evil. How dare Drs take advantage of women like this. Suicide rate among infertility couples is 65% all time high. Something can be done about these numbers by simply not price gouging. Most families like myself cannot afford it. On average a family will spend 100,000 average on trying to conceive by IVF & IUI attempts. That’s my main reason
    for having to change career paths, is to afford the procedure, and the 2nd reason is I know my calling. have to care more about humans than we do. All people deserve to flourish in life.

  • Avatar Michelle Banther says:

    Thank you for sharing your family, your heart and your faith. You are an inspiration!!

  • Avatar Copeley Odum says:

    I have to know where you buy these girls dresses from?! Are they mainly a specific brand? I love love love everything you dress them in and I have 2 year old girl and another girl due in March. Thank Danielle!

  • Avatar Mario Riquelme says:

    Hola!! Soy de Paraguay y junto con mi esposa vemos continuamente su show los domingos, amamos cada detalle del programa y creemos fuertemente que es un inspiración para todas las familias del mundo. Si puedes criar a 6 niñas solo con el salario de Papá, no creo que haya cosa en el mundo que puedas hacer!! Sigan adelante chicos y espero siempre puedan leer los comentarios de las fotos. Soy fan #1 de Hazel ❤️❤️

  • Avatar Andi Huffman says:

    So absolutely true! I’ll add this family to my prayer list so she always have backup: when two or more are gathered in His name, there shall He be also!!!!!

  • Avatar Elizabeth Cassatti says:

    I have watched a few of your shows and find you and your family to be so incredibly amazing, loving and patient. You and your children are beautiful inside and out.

  • Avatar Kym Morris says:

    I adore your family, thank you for sharing your life with us, from another mumma of 6 x

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