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Hi Fam,

Happy “Whoa That’s Good” Wednesday.

Below is a list of some of our favorite podcast episodes with the guest’s best piece of advice they have received. We’ve also included some fun conversation starters for you to have on hand this holiday season!

Keep these on hand for around for dinner table convo, in the car, or sitting around with those you love!

Also, be sure to check our  new episode with Brooke Ligertwood of Hillsong Worship.

1. Conversation Starter: 

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

2. John Luke Robertson on The Power of Love (S1 E7)

Best Piece of Advice: “Create the world you want to live in.”

Although he can’t fully remember who gave him this advice, he took this wisdom to heart years ago and it has impacted the way he sees his relationships, his time, and especially his faith. And if you know anything about John Luke, you’ll know that he truly lives this out as an original.

Conversation Starter:

Who is an example of someone you have seen create a change in the world for the better?

3.  Laney Redmon: Everything Is A Gift (S2 E3)

Best Piece of Advice: “Everything is a gift.”

This advice was shared with Laney from her mom…..“my mom, she told me, you can’t strive to keep something you didn’t earn in the first place! I feel like that starts with our salvation – God’s gift of grace – but that flows into everything, because everything is gift. If you look at life like that you being to be thankful and you see everything as something you can’t loose because it’s all God’s in the first place.”

Conversation Starter:

What’s one thing you can take a moment to stop and recognize is a gift in your life?

4. Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Fear of Letting People Down (S2 E10)

Best Piece of Advice: “I see you, I know you, go show them.”

Elizabeth explained, “I question myself a lot, because I  a really hard worker and I do suffer from what I call, “F.O.L.P.D – Fear of Letting People Down” and my Dad, I think without naming it as such, I think could see that in me and he would say at crucial parts in my life,  “I see you, I know you, go show them!” What that gave me was a layer of truth to understand what God says about me too. I see You. I know You. Go Show them.” WHOA that’s good!

Conversation Starter:

Who has been an influential person that has given you confidence and who is that person?

5. Chrissy Metz: The Power of Purpose and Positivity (S2 E5)

Best Piece of Advice: “Believe in someone until they can believe in themselves.”

Talking about a friend in her life that stood by her side during the valleys of life, she told us: “She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and that for me was so important and I realized afterward then I could be someone who would believe in someone until they could believe in themselves and you pay it forward.”

Conversation Starter:

Who is someone who believed in you before you could believe in yourself?

6. Shawn Johnson & Andrew East: 100% Transparency (S2 E9)

Best Piece of Advice: “Show 100% transparency with each other in relationships.”

Shawn said, “This came from our marriage counselor, right before we go married and he always said, going into your relationship, make sure you have 100% transparency with each other. Approach our relationship, almost to a fault, in being 100% transparent – if need space, if we need the other one to say something supportive or encouraging. We are too a fault transparent and it makes for a great relationship!”

Conversation Starter:

How have you seen the value of honesty and transparency unfold for the better in your relationships this year?

7. Christian Huff: Intentionality Protects the Heart (S3 E1)

Best Piece of Advice: If it breaks God’s heart, why do you think it will fulfill yours?

Christian heard this piece of advice years ago from a sermon and it stuck with him so much that he put it as his Instagram bio for thousands of people to see. Since then, so many others have come up to him on his campus and thanked him for passing along this truthful, just straight good advice. “I just wanted to be on the same heartbeat of God, breaking my heart for what breaks His on my college campus.”

Conversation Starter:

What is something this year you have seen break God’s heart and how were you able to respond to it?

8. Emma Jenkins: Bullies and Beauty (S2 E8)

Advice: “He is safe, he is loving, he is great dance partner, that’s who he is and he welcomes you.”

This piece of advice actually comes from Emma during her episode and it was too good not to share! Emma has gone through so much as a result of her living sold out for Jesus and she has learned to find her confidence not from the world, but from her heavenly father that has arms wide open, excited for the dance of life.

Conversation Starter:

What is your go to dance move?

9. Bob Goff– (S1 E1)

Best Piece of Advice: “I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I’ve been.”

“We need to be super picky about whose advice we take. So the people who have influenced me the most aren’t the people who told me what to do, but they told me who I was.”

Conversation Starter:

Who is someone who has reminded you of who you are and how did they do it?

10. Conversation Starter: What is your best piece of advice for others?

We hope you love these conversation starters, take these to your home for thanksgiving, and have abundant gratitude for all that you have been given today!



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