The Unforgettable Truth

by | May 26, 2022 | Life Advice

Have you ever realized that the more you hear something, the less potent it becomes? For example, as a child someone told me that plants produce oxygen and are essential to our survival as humans. That ASTOUNDED me. I went around telling everyone that they needed to be friends with plants cause we need them to survive, I thought it was so amazing that God did something so intentional like that. Before I had thought that oxygen just existed, but once I realized where it came from, I had a new appreciation for it. But then I grew up. I heard about the cycle of photosynthesis over and over again and I lost the wonder of a child. “Yeah oxygen comes from plants because of the process in which they collect CO2…” I could easily explain the reason behind this fact that amazed me as a child, so as an adult I’ve made myself forget how powerful that really is.

You may be wondering where I am going with this. I would like you to put on the mindset that you had as a child for a moment. So that you are able to see things plainly, and appreciate them for what they really are without being tainted by repetition and normality of being talked about. Okay, are you ready?

You are a child of God.

How many times have you heard that? Does that statement stop you in your tracks and make you want to fall to your knees in worship? Or does it sound normal and has it lost its wonder? Have you forgotten the power of something that should be unforgettable?

If you’re like me, you are probably thinking that it has lost some of its wonder to you. You have forgotten the pure power of something that in reality should be unforgettable. Not because God isn’t powerful, or you don’t love him – but because we have become accustomed to hearing the most amazing miracle over and over again without stopping to take it all in. So, I want you to take this in…

You are a child of God.

I feel like we skip past the statement “we are children of God” way too often. Us, a child, of the most high, living God. who never fails, or waivers. We are His children. There is seriously no greater honor and because of that truth; we are given the title of sons and daughters of the Most High King as our identity. We hear we are a child of God so often that we may have forgotten that honor and its power, or we may be incorrectly informed on what it means. Either way my prayer is that you will allow that title to pierce deep into your heart and begin to allow it to transform your life.

What is a child of God? A child of God is someone who has accepted Jesus as their Savior and has committed to a relationship with Him. Someone who has repented of their sins, acknowledged their need for a Savior, and believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Salvation is a gift, and one title that comes along with it is “Child of God.” You cannot become a child by works, or by monetary means, or by wishful thinking. Only by the blood of Jesus are we saved and brought into His family. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that WHOEVER believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.” There it is, that is why and how you become a child of God.

In the Bible, a way of identification would be that the author would state someone’s name, then say their fathers name; so that people would know who they were talking about. When others are talking about us, is it evident who our Father is (GOD) ?? Do people feel the need to mention God when they talk about our actions or do we glorify ourselves to the extent that others aren’t sure who we are living to glorify ??

When you call yourself a Christian, you bear the name of Christ. As honoring as incredible as it is to know who we belong to, we must remember how much of a responsibility it is as well. I want you to accept your identity as a child of God, but in doing so you must also accept your calling.

1 John 3, says that “by this the children of God and children of the devil are obvious” talking about what each one practices. A child of God practices righteousness, because God is righteous. A child of the devil practices sin, because the devil has sinned from the beginning. What we practice is a reflection of who we are. Can those around us see the fruits of who we are trusting in ??

It’s obvious when people are living for the world, because they will look just like it. Therefore, how will people realize when we are living for God, if we’re only doing the bare minimum to look like Him ?? I’m getting drunk, partying, sleeping around, hooking up with whoever, but “no I’m a christian, I love Jesus and I go to church sometimes” WHAT ?! absolutely not.

We are supposed to practice righteousness, not just do occasional righteous acts. There’s a huge difference. In knowing that you are truly a child of God, you have to realize the responsibility of that identity. Are you sharing the gospel, who are you in the quiet moments, where are your priorities?

From just occasional interactions with an alcoholic you’ll know that they’re an alcoholic. They’re probably even gonna smell like what their stronghold is. Scientifically, when you’re around something for an extended period of time, you’re going to begin to smell it, look like it, and have the effects of it seen on your life. You’ve been camping? Oh, I can tell because you smell like a campfire! As weird as it sounds. Do you smell like Jesus ?? Do you look like Jesus ??

Have you been in your Word enough to have a foundation for what you believe? I really hope your answer is yes, but if it isn’t that is okay and you are not alone! Every new breath that you have is a chance to run towards Jesus. If you don’t have a Bible, DM me and I promise to be sure that you get one. Everyone needs to have the wakeup call of finding your identity in Christ, and then realizing the next steps that need to be taken in order to have a true relationship with Jesus. My prayer for you is that now that you know the call, that you will begin to smell and look more like Jesus every single day. And the key to getting there is spending time with Him.

The world is going to hate us, if we are fully living for God; because they hate God. What an honor that is, to be hated by the world, but loved by the Creator of it. We cannot love the world, sin, and say we love God. We cannot love the thing; that the One we are supposed to love most; hung on a cross and died to remove. The love of sin, is the automatic hatred of God. We cannot serve two masters; nor should we want to.

Looking at what it means to truly “abide” in the Lord is so important. Not just going to church on Sundays, or praying when life gets hard, but to make Him the center of it all. Abiding means to live // take refuge in. How do you start to smell or look like Jesus? abiding in Him! Without Him we are nothing // and have no life. “Little children let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth” just as we cannot say we love others, then go and speak hateful words to //about them, we cannot say we love God; then go out and sin as though His love means nothing to us. Our deeds and actions have to match our words. My prayer is that you will examine your life, remember who you belong to and as a result accept your identity as a child of God. Does your love for God spring forth an apparent lifestyle?  Can people look at your actions, your fruits, your priorities and know whose child you are and what you’re living for ?? Is your faith evident, and can people tell that you are filled by the Spirit ?? These are just a couple of questions that will put you in a very good position to examine your life and redirect if needed in order to be ABIDING in the Lord and truly realize what it means to be a Child of God.

Hey fam! My name is Julia Poe and I am an LO Sister Ambassador! I currently live in Orlando, Florida but I am originally from California. I currently am doing full time ministry in person, as well as on my social media platforms. I love leading worship and am always working on new music and songs to hopefully one day record! My hope and dream is to one day be able to pour into women of all ages and help them see their true identity and calling as a women of God! Love y’all with my whole heart!! 

Follow Julia on Instagram @juliaapoee!

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