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It is wild to think we in the fourth week of quarantine. Do you feel like the time is crawling or flying by? I feel like the first week or two was full of processing and finding our rhythms, and now we are more settled in and feeling all kinds of emotions. This time can be so triggering for anxiety or fear or a when will this end mentality, and as I reflect on the last 21 days, I am amazed at how easy it is to avoid my internal state. If I am honest, it has been much easier to “task,” watch TV, and lounge on my phone. Who’s with me? It is vulnerable and a bit intimidating to dig into this, to better our minds, to journal, to start intentional conversations, to address the feelings that arise. We are so used to our fast paced “go” mentality, and now that we have open space and quiet moments, it can be startling and scary and, not to mention, harder to live in a state of avoidance. BUT, this could be the best thing for us. I keep thinking about how this is the pace the generations lived before us, and the wisdom and relationships built during those years are unmatched. It’s almost as if this time is a lens into the times before our rush and distraction-filled culture was created, and it is beautiful. Let’s embrace it. Let’s make changes.

It amazes me that the entire world is in this together but circumstances are all different. Some are separated from family, some are home alone, some are at the frontlines risking their lives and serving people during this time, some are learning to homeschool their kids, teenagers are missing their friends, weddings are postponed, struggling marriages are forced to be together, parents are balancing toddlers without help, some are transitioning to balancing two work schedules in the house, many are out of jobs, some are exhausted cooking and cleaning 24/7, extroverts are missing in person connection, and the list goes on. You are not alone. In the struggle, we can all come together.

Yesterday I really started feeling moved by the idea that I do not want to waste this time. This is an opportunity to practice self-discipline more than ever. This is a time to focus on truth. This is a time to be reminded of how much we can’t control. I love this quote that I read this morning in the book Pray Big Things quoted by Oswald Chambers – “all our fret and worry is caused by calculating without God.” God has gone before us and is redeeming this time of unknowns, and He is with us through every moment. Let’s start noticing Him in the day to day and cast our burdens on Him. Let Him carry them.

I started making some intentions and boundaries that I hope can be helpful to you:

  • Limit the news to only the necessary guidelines. This has helped with limiting anxiety and worry.
  • Check in on and encourage your friends every day and FaceTime with family and the people you love.
  • Start your day journaling, reading, and praying before you even look at your phone!
  • Time block your days: working, exercise, chores, and relax time.
  • Make sure you get some vitamin D, whether that’s going on your back porch, on a walk, or through opening your windows.
  • Look up a new recipe and cook it!
  • Support small businesses in your area.
  • Ask your husband, wife, family member, or roommate how you can support them during this time.
  • Send people flowers, thoughtful presents, or gift cards.
  • Play music in your house the entire day.
  • Make your bed first thing in the morning.
  • Give your house some love. Organize and clean out your spaces and donate!

What are things you are doing every day to make this time purposeful? Would love to hear your ideas. Hope you are all staying safe and healthy!

Lauren Scruggs-Kennedy is a Wellness Warrior, NY Times Best-Selling Author, Lifestyle blogger. She’s the founder of The Clean Sweep, Stranded, and the LSK Foundation. Check out all that she and her team are up to at laurenscruggskennedy.com.

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