“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

and lean not on your own understanding. 

In all your ways submit to him,

and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

My prayer this election cycle is for Godly discernment. My hope is that the men and women running for office will balance the wishes of their supporters, the thoughts of their opponents, and seek Godly wisdom in every decision they make up to the election and as they govern if they win. I also pray that the voters will also exercise Godly discernment when choosing the person who will govern all of us.

Discernment is a word that is not often used these days. It simply means: the ability to judge well. Discernment shapes our entire lives. It is our ability to take everything in and then make a good, well thought out, decision. We all do this everyday of our lives for things big and small. The bible gives us a guide full of examples of regular folks and leaders, some who show great discernment and others not so much.

God’s word teaches that we as believers, whether we are in a leadership position or not, don’t just make decisions based on what’s best for us. We consider others needs as well as our own. We also consider God’s wishes in all our decisions.

Using discernment is so important in our own lives, but even more for folks who run for office, as how they discern right from wrong shapes the communities and our very country in which we live. We have a role to play in that too. We get to choose our leaders by voting. You have a choice to make and I know it can be very difficult. You have to make a judgment; you have to show discernment. 

Pray, seek God’s wisdom, study up on the issues in our country and read the Bible to help with that decision. Know that the decision you make helps shape the discernment of our leaders. What we vote for or against directly affects our leaders and the decisions they make.

It’s not easy to make sure that all of the information we take in is not what we hear and see from the world.  Be careful not to join the crowd, any crowd. Consider future generations, think of your neighbor and their well-being and always seek God’s will.  It’s ultimately His will that we pray is done in all circumstances. And that charge is not for our leaders, but for us as voters as well.

Willie Robertson is the CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander and star of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty”. Robertson has expanded his family companies, from a living room operation to a multi-million-dollar enterprise and destination for all things outdoors. Duck Commander is the best-selling duck call brand in the U.S. It, along with Buck Commander are popular trademarks on apparel, hunting gear, food items and more. Robertson is executive producer of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” and “Buck Commander” on the Outdoor Channel. He is the New York times best-selling author of “The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family and Ducks Built a Dynasty,” “American Hunter” and “American Fisherman.” The husband to Korie Robertson and father of six, Robertson’s story is a remarkable example of entrepreneurship and dedication built on hard work, faith, and family.

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  • Avatar Nancy Knight says:

    God bless you and keep you

  • Very well said bother! And I couldn’t agree more…Praying to God, reading His word, along time with Him and loving also being considerate of others before ourselves, can not only be a wise choice for choosing the best candidate but definitely for a Spiritual uplifting daily living life. Praise n Glory to our Father God n Savior Jesus Christ! Purest Blessings to you n All that surround you. I Love y’all in Christ brother!

  • Avatar Marisa Picone says:

    I thought what was said is very true 🙂 I think more things like this needs to be said in the world were living in today

  • Avatar Chris Cesanek says:

    Good direction for anyone’s life stated her and a good lesson to follow

  • Avatar Roger Marrs says:

    Nice to see you Wille and God bless all the beautiful words.

  • Avatar David says:

    Glad to hear from you. I really enjoyed your.show, was disappointed when it ended. Your family is an inspiration to all who watched you. Thanks

  • Avatar Jonathan Aldridge says:

    I thank God for people like you that risen up in our land to make good role models for guys my age… keep up the good work

  • Thank you. I love you and all your family. You are a true inspiration to me and other Christians. Please keep this up. Love the new look.

  • Avatar Rose Marie Goodman Hoyt says:

    Very well said. I Pray many people read, understand and remember when it comes time to vote during ANY election. Willie and his entire family, from Dad Phil to Uncle Sly, are examples to all of Christian values being taught and lived.

  • Avatar Susan L Butt says:

    Thanks for sharing this Willie. Makes great sense.. Amen🙏

  • Avatar Christina says:

    Love this so much. Thank you for a wonderful way of looking at this election.

  • Avatar Glee says:

    I’m digging the haircut, Willie! Great word, as well! Praying for this great nation.

  • Avatar Robert Neeley says:

    Judgment is made when we don’t have all the facts! Discernment has all the facts in and makes a rational decision, Based on all the information that is at our disposal to use to make a common sense decision that results in a godly solution. Have you and your family in my prayers give them this season within our country. God bless nation!

  • Avatar Blaine Spears says:

    Love that word discernment it means so much and all our lives decisions we must always remember that discernment is a God’s gift and ability to know when something is right or when something is wrong thank you Willie Robertson for reminding us that we have that special gift of discernment from our God

  • Avatar Kirt Lively says:

    YES !!!!!!

  • Avatar Beth says:

    Well said.
    Need this reminder in this season of controversy.

  • Avatar Gary says:

    Good stuff…

  • Avatar Cynthia kermode says:

    Amen! So glad to have found this site ♥️

  • Avatar Torre Smith says:

    Awesome view brother!! Awesome word!!

  • Avatar Julie says:

    Well said, thank you.

  • Avatar Chelsea Faulkner says:

    I absolutely love the courage and boldness you and your family have to speak the word and love of God! Love all of y’all!

  • Avatar Chad Johnson says:

    I love you all. You and your families are a fine example of how people should be. So glad that you stay true to God. May He keep blessing each one of you.

  • Avatar Chris Brewer says:

    You’re family has led me to God and I am forever thankful for that.

  • Avatar Gary DeBruhl says:

    Thank you for this. Discernment is crucial to future successes of our nation. Your public profession of faith and love of God and country continues to be inspiring.
    Thank you also for the awesome daughter you and Korie have raised. She is a great role model and her messages come from the Bible and a heart of trusting faith.

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