Note from Team LO: We are so glad you’re here! Each Thursday in October we’ll be posting different prayers for our Nation by some of our LO sister ambassadors. Enjoy and meditate on this prayer for anxieties from LO ambassador, Jessi Afshin.

Hey God,

I’m tired, but you already know that

God, I feel weak but I know that you are making me stronger

I praise you – even if it hurts, even if I can’t see what you are doing

I praise you for what I can see

For the gift of today

For the breath in my lungs

For the ability to speak 

The ability to see clearly

For the small things, the little things I take for granted

And the little big gifts you have given me

I praise you *through* this feeling of anxiety

For I know it is temporary

Because even though I feel as if I’m walking through the fire

And even though I can’t see where I am going

And even though I can’t see where this year is headed

And I can’t see where your plans are taking me,

I know that through your Word and your promises, you speak to me

And in your promises, I can rest on your clarity

God I am grateful that you are the God of steadfastness

In a cloud of confusion, you are clear about your plans for me

That your plans are good, and you are for me

Because if you are for me, God, I know this to be true: Who can be against me?

I rest in knowing that what is hard for me will strengthen me,

I rest in knowing that you are making a better me

You are refining my heart, you are sharpening me

I declare that I understand through this hardship, you are creating and perfecting a new me

It is here that I lay down my troubled thoughts

And instead, I rest on your promise that you are working everything together for my good

I rest knowing that you already know tomorrow 

I rest knowing that you are tomorrow

I rest knowing that you created tomorrow

That you are not surprised by tomorrow

Because of this, I rest in your arms

I know that I will not worry about tomorrow

For you have my today, in Jesus name

Because in a world that is changing around me, you are the same

You are the rock that is my foundation 

In the flood of 2020, you remain steady

Even though I waiver and wonder

It is your peace I crave, and your peace is for what i pray for

Your peace is what I will pursue, even on my hardest day 

So I will do whatever I can 

To chase your peace

To chase your name

To believe in your goodness

Because your peace surpasses my understanding

And I will do whatever I can to receive your goodness

I will focus on what is pure and what is right and what is good

Thank you Lord for being my rock and my salvation

Thank you Lord for never leaving me

Even when I waiver, you do not

You never leave me, and knowing this, I release my anxiety 

And my need for trying to control tomorrow

I surrender my life to you

Because you are good and Lord I trust you

Thank you for loving me

In Jesus’ name 

Jessi Afshin is a writer and encourager on @my_darling_diary, lover of blue skies and bicycle rides. She’s the owner of a lil’ comfy-cute shop and label called shopdarling.com

Follow her personal account on Insta @jessi_afshin and also find her on Sadie’s app, LO sister, as an ambassador where she shares even more encouragement and fun!


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