Letters to Sadie: Katelyn Taylor

Letters to Sadie: Katelyn Taylor

Note From Team LO: In honor of Sadie and Christian’s wedding day quickly approaching, we have invited some very special people to share letters of love, encouragement, and wisdom. Today we have Sadie’s cousin, Katelyn!


It’s not often that a big cousin looks up to her younger cousin, but that’s the truth in our case. I have loved every second of being your big cousin and watching you grow. From my little sidekick when you were young and just loving you so much that it hurt, to this beautiful woman of whom I am so proud. I am honored to be, not only your family, but your friend. I delight in watching you light up every space you walk in to and as you share your joy with everyone you see. You have always been an original. You know who you are, whose you are and you always stick to what you know to be true.

You are about to step into marriage, and I challenge you to think about being “original” in a new light, Gods original design for marriage. His plan for us to live in perfect unity with Him and with one another. We are to honor Him in creating a partnership and grow in your relationship with Him and each other. It isn’t about your happiness, but about spiritual intimacy, learning who God is and what He created relationships to be, becoming more holy. This is actually more satisfying than a self-serving, happiness seeking marriage (not that you won’t experience heaps of happiness along the way!).

It isn’t always easy, but God has given us tools to equip us! He gave us His word, Holy Spirit, and people! Our family has been the greatest resource for me and I pray you will use all of us through your journey. I am so thankful for our big ole family and the legacy of love that has been set before us. I pray that it will continue with us and our generation. But, I KNOW it can’t be done on our own merit (trust me, I’ve been trying for nearly 10 years, ha!).

I do believe the only way for us to continue this Legacy of love is through total dependence on Him and surrendering daily to His plan for marriage.

I am so thankful for Christian in your life and thankful for you in his life. Partnering with someone you love is a true gift in life. Partnering with a purpose-sharing the gospel- is the greatest gift! You are a power couple and I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses you for His Kingdom.

I love you and keep it original,


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