A Convo Worth Having

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Testimonies | 14 comments

We live in a world obsessed with connection but isolated from real relationship. 

We don’t know how to have real conversations anymore. Eye to eye. Heart to heart. 

What do you even talk about? 

What is worth talking about?

When we entrust our lives to Jesus we are adopted into a worldwide family that spans the globe and all of history. We’re family because of Jesus. And Jesus unites us together with His love. Colossians 3:14 says it’s the perfect bond of unity. 

So, are you looking for rich conversations? Are you desperate for a real bond in relationships? Are you thirsty for some depth, to experience convos with those around you that have substance? It’s easier than you think; you just need to start sharing your Jesus story!

So WHAT is your Jesus story?  Everyone has a unique life story. Your journey is the mountains, the valleys, the adventures, and even the disappointments. 

What is amazing about Jesus in your story? Not you, but His love at work in you. How has He changed your life? 

PSA: Your Jesus story is not just relegated to a one time moment. When you decide to throw your life into the hands of your Savior, your life is an ever evolving Jesus story. Your life is being established in His love with every single heart-beat. He’s in it all! 

So HOW do you share your Jesus story? You simply SHARE WHAT HE HAS DONE. Are you the first person in your family to give your life to Jesus? Has your family been building church with their lives for generations? How did YOU meet Jesus? Share what God has done in your life. Look back and remember. Celebrate it by sharing it with others. Not just once but again and again. Sometimes we think, because we have shared it once, we shouldn’t share it again. But, this is YOUR story. It never gets old and if you don’t remember and share it, it’s not carried on. Your story is your legacy. Your future kids will know what God has done in your life only if you choose to tell it again and again. Each time you remember His faithfulness, you get stronger. Each time you tell it, you are reminded that God is able. 

God has created miracles in my heart time and time again. I used to be paralyzed by fear and perfection. I couldn’t share my story because I was so concerned with what people thought. I couldn’t get “out of my head.” But I asked Jesus for help. I decided to say yes even when I was scared. I decided to be willing to fail and to focus on all that Jesus has done for me. I decided to be awakened to the real needs around me. And, today, fear doesn’t have a hold on my life. As I share what God has done in my life, my hope is that you are encouraged. I want you to see all that He has done in your life too! 

It’s not just about what He has done… it’s about what He’s doing right now. So, SHARE WHAT HE IS DOING RIGHT NOW. 

Ask yourself. What’s new?

Are you stepping through fear and leading a small group at college? 

Are you starting your mornings by reading a verse in the Bible and inviting God into the day?

Are you making friends who speak life and point your heart to Jesus?

Are you choosing to serve at church for the first time? 

Are you rejecting the material vortex and living for something larger than yourself? 

Are you taking a huge step of faith at your job or in your family? 

What’s going on right now? Share it! 

Our God is always doing something NEW. The totality of your God story is not just the moment you surrendered your life to Jesus. No, that was just the beginning! So just like you would ask a friend, “What’s new?” ask yourself the same question concerning your relationship with Jesus. Is He removing the shame or guilt in your life? Is He allowing your heart to believe that you are perfectly loved and known? Is He helping you reject fear once and for all and run toward his plan? Is He bringing your family one by one to know Jesus? Is He comforting you during a time of grief? Is He bringing you back to a genuine love for his Word and His church? 

He’s always doing something new as long as we are surrendered. So share it. And, who knows, your story might be exactly what someone else needs to hear! Commitment tends to last longer in community. What God is doing, right now, in your life will only be strengthened by the right people walking by your side and encouraging you to expect there is more!

And finally… SHARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE HE WILL DO. When we follow Jesus, we must build our faith muscles if we want to see the fullness of God’s plan. Faith is “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” So it’s not what you’ve seen Him do and what He is doing now, but it’s also what you don’t see that you believe will come to pass! God is blessed by your faith! How cool is that? We get to make our God smile by choosing to believe wholeheartedly that nothing is too big for Him. A vital part of your Jesus story is what you are believing will happen in the future. 

I have been married to the love of my life for twelve years. For eight of those years we asked God to give us a baby as we walked through year after year of infertility. It was a real struggle as we continually faced disappointments by what we “saw” in the natural. Then I felt the tug in my heart to open up our lives and we started to share our story with friends. I began saying publicly “I believe that God is going to give me a baby. But I know that Jesus is my treasure now and always.” Friends began to pray and believe with us. Support for our prayer request turned into celebration as we had our first baby. I never dreamed that, by being honest, I would feel so supported and that it would make the miracle even more special when it happened! 

Today I saw a dear friend whose son was contending for a full scholarship to the best university in our city. For weeks, we have been praying for him to get the Presidential scholarship and that God would use it for His glory. Today she gave me the news that he received the scholarship. Our celebration today matched the level of our fervent prayers yesterday. When God answers what you believe He will do, He deserves to be thanked! She could have kept the scholarship application process to herself, but she opened up her life and asked me to believe with her. Her son’s victory became a celebration for both of us because she was open and shared her ever evolving Jesus story! 

Are you believing for a friend to meet Jesus? Are you believing for God to heal your body? Are you believing that God will give you clarity for your next step? We all are believing for something. Powerful things happen when we open up about our Jesus story and allow others who truly care walk beside us. 

God may choose to answer our prayers the way we ask or He may choose to answer in a way we didn’t expect. Either way, He will always prove himself faithful. He never abandons us even in our darkest moments of pain and loss. His presence is the constant promise in every one of our Jesus stories. After all, it’s all about Him. 

What has God done in your life? 

What is He doing right now? 

What are you believing He will do in the future?

 Share it with me below. We want to stand with you and hear YOUR Jesus story. 

This convo is worth having!


DawnCheré Wilkerson is a speaker, singer, songwriter and pastor who loves nothing more than to encourage people of all ages to never give up! Her contagious joy and zeal bring a uniquely impacting perspective on life. She and her husband Rich are the pastors at VOUS Church in downtown Miami.

Follow DawnCheré on Instagram @DawnChere

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  1. Sheri

    This is amazing to see this dialogue in an empty, drama filled world,
    Thank you!

    • Live Original

      We are so glad you enjoyed this post 🙂

  2. Prestelle Egbu

    Loved this so much. Very refreshing!

  3. Macey

    God has shown me who truly cares & loves me. He has shown me the power of prayer. He has shown me that He is faithful.
    God is still teaching me to trust Him wholeheartedly & to open up, to not be afraid to share my struggles with others.
    I believe He is going to heal me, some day. I have faith & I know that He will get me through each individual day. I believe He will lead me to the correct diagnosis and treatment. I believe He will continue to provide my every need. I believe He is faithful.
    I have had health issues on & off my whole life, but the last 3 years have been an ongoing battle. Old symptoms get better & new ones come up & some never get better & some just get worse. It all started with GI problems, I had my gallbladder taken out but that wasn’t my problem, so it didn’t help. I eventually found out I had several food allergies. My stomach got better, but then I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome and Raynaud’s Phenomenon. I’ve been struggling with those symptoms and now I’m starting to have GI problems again. I have the symptoms of ulcerative colitis, but I am going to the GI doctor this week to find out for sure what’s going on. I have been trying to do more natural things to treat everything with the help of the Blum Center. They are great & caring there. I’ve been struggling through all of this while also going through nursing school. I have the most loving & supportive people surrounding me & I know I have so many prayer warriors out there, & I couldn’t do this without them. God is good & faithful & I am trusting His plan. There are times I feel spiritually tired &/or don’t know what to pray, but I don’t stop reading His Word & praying.
    I’ve never really told people my problems unless I was very close to them because I didn’t want it to seem like I was seeking pity, but I know now that it doesn’t have to be like that. It can help others & it can help you by adding to your prayer warriors.

    • Live Original


      Thank you so much for sharing your story. He is using it all. We are praying for you, friend! God is a Good Healer and we ask that this would be your story. And so encouraging to hear you are letting others in to pray for/with you! Thank you for sharing what He has shown you through this!

  4. Niang Suai

    Wow, so encouraging, I needed this. While reading this, it reminds me of so many things God has done to my life and my family. I was admited to colleges and chosen for interview for scholarships which I thought I would not. Also, please pray for me because I have an interview for a scholarship next week, pray for me to be able to do great and get it. And to get many scholarships so much as possible, so that I can actually attend university. Thank you so much. 🙂

    • Live Original


      We are praying for you! It is in His hands, so thank you for sharing that you are trusting Him with this! He will provide the strength and the words when the time comes.

  5. Jennifer

    God has blessed me so much lately! He has blessed me with a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend Caleb. He blessed me with a new job. He has blessed me with health and a loving family. I pray that if it is his will I will marry Caleb in the future. God is always working in our lives even if we can’t see it. I praise His name for everything He has done and will do in my life! Thank you Jesus!!!

    • Live Original


      Wow, thank you for sharing your heart and gratitude. It truly is a light. Praise God for the way He is working in your life!

  6. Christina

    I was raised Catholic but fell away from the church in middle school. By the time I was seventeen, I was in the throes of mental illness – depression, anxiety and schizoaffective disorder. It all nudged me back to church. Little by little, mass by mass, my faith just grew over time. When I was in my mid-twenties, I participated in an RCIA program – first year so I could be confirmed, second year because I wanted to sponsor someone for confirmation. It remains one of the most positive experiences of my life. Now I’m in my late thirties and three years ago I started doing something that has been the biggest game changer in my faith journey – I started reading the Bible everyday. Daily bible reading has inspired me to branch out in other ways. I do a daily devotional and I loooove faith based books. So that’s where I started my faith journey and this is where it finds me right now – grateful, blessed, curious to know more and thoroughly savoring a rich prayer life.

  7. Ryan Christenson

    Hi. I am 22 two years old and grew up in the church. My dad has been a pastor most of my life. He did a sermon on the difference between knowing Jesus or just being a name dropper.

    For an example. I am a huge fan of Sadie Robertson and her family. If I showed up at their front door, it would be awkward because they would not know me.

    I guess my point is this. I know that if this world is as good as it gets, we are in trouble. My life has not been what I imagined after high school. My dad is a recovery coach for teen challenge in Brainerd, Minnesota. He has see the worst in young men. I have not got addicted to drugs myself, but wonder sometimes if i need to hit rock bottom to completely change my life for Christ. Another thing I struggle to do is have a constant prayer life. I know it is important. Did I get an answer from or did I convince myself on my own.

  8. Tori

    I believe God is going to give me an amazing purpose in my life. I have seen how He has steered recent events in my life in ways that I could only say “Wow, that’s SO God!” I believe He will help me fight the feelings of insecurity and melancholy moments and show me how I can best serve Him. I believe that He will guide me into a closer relationship with Him. I believe that He knows my future down to the last nitty-gritty detail and that He will guide me into it all in His timing. I believe He will never leave me lonely if I will just reach out for Him, because He is always there. I know, I Know that He loves me unconditionally and that there is nothing I could ever do to take that away. I believe that He chooses the best things for His children, and I know that I am safest when being held close to Him.

    Jeremiah 29:11

  9. M24

    The past couple years of my life God has walked me through some awesome hills and some very deep and dark valleys. Right now I’m in one of those valleys. Its been long and its been by far the hardest and most difficult season of my life. There’s been so many times its felt like I was just too broke down to keep moving forward, so many times I didn’t know how much more pain I could take, and so many times I’ve cried out to God asking why these things going on in my life can’t change. And every time it felt like I wouldn’t be able to make it another day God always reminded me he has a purpose for what I’m going through. Every time he would come in and give me just what I needed in that very moment. It has always been just enough to keep me going through what I face every day.
    I do wholeheartedly believe that all this struggle that I am going through will be for a purpose. I believe God’s awesome power will be exercised in my life. I believe he will lead me to a breakthrough and I believe God will use my story to do powerful things in the lives of the people around me. I believe that through this God will show people that he can and will use even the worst of times in your life to do amazing things. That he can overcome the impossible.

  10. Natali Brockway

    Jesus delivered me from partying/drinking and placed me in the church I know he wanted me at. He also gave me a boyfriend and a relationship I never dreamed possible. That boyfriend brought me to this church I love so much. I’ve never felt so comfortable and at home in a church before.

    Now Jesus is helping me everyday to become fearless and to trust him more. I stuggle so much with fear and worry and perfectionism. He’s showing me day by day how to change this (with the help of Live Fearless!). I also struggle a lot with not feeling like I’ll ever be good enough to deserve God’s love and forgiveness. I’ve felt so defeated recently with guilt and shame. But as I read Live Fearless last night, God spoke straight to my heart through Sadie’s words about James 2:25.

    I’m believing that God is going to help me get accepted into a physical therapy school after I apply this summer and I’m believing that I will make it through those tough grad school years and serve others and share my God story while I work as a PT. I am so excited for my journey ahead and can’t wait to see what God will do even further in the future.

    Love this blog post! Thank you❤️

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