“For unto us, a child is born. His name shall be called wonderful, counselor, the mighty God. The everlasting father, the prince of peace.” Isaiah 9:6

There he was, the long-awaited savior. He didn’t look like you’d expect, no, not even close. He was a baby, as human as any babe to ever let out a first cry. But oh, we know he wasn’t just a human. He was the embodiment of God and man in one. He took on flesh and became man, so we may find a relationship with God. What love is this? It’s unlike none the world had ever known before. Immanuel. God with us.

In a moment, everything changed. At the mention of his name, Jesus, the earth shook with hope. Satan trembled. God rejoiced. Finally, a bridge between God and man. Deserving glory and honor, Jesus took on shame and sin. He lived his life for the Father–pointing everyone towards him with every word, action and deed. And then, He gave it all…for us. His life. It was the most brutal of sacrifices. He would be forever scarred for you and me, but oh, the joy he found in doing God’s will. Even as it hurt, even as it cost him all. He surrendered. He did it for God’s glory, He did it for us.

He knew it all along, the path God had for him. He still accepted it. He still chose you and I. His presence, the most priceless present. His love, our undeserved gift. Deserving all, He gave all. For you. For me. For us. Oh, come, let us adore Him. Christ, OUR KING. Hallelujah.


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