Comfortable with Uncomfortable

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Life Advice | 16 comments

learning to lean into discomfort.

Imagine this scenario. A girl walks into a local coffee shop. Looking around all she sees is unfamiliar faces – yet everyone around her moving with purpose and passion.  Out of fear and discomfort, she pulls her phone; to text friends back home and scroll through Instagram – in hopes to feel known. She feels a pit in her stomach – then a wave of discomfort. However, she has a decision to make, to continue to feel unknown, or to push past the discomfort. So, she puts her phone back in her bag. And although uncomfortable and unknown, she stands there, confidently looking forward to her new surroundings. By pressing past discomfort – she was able to lean on her greatest friend, Jesus.

Maybe you’ve experienced a similar scenario in the past. Or perhaps you are currently in a season of discomfort – beginning college, new jobs, moving to new cities, marriage. We all go through seasons of newness and change, where our identity truly tested.

Learning to lean into discomfort and embrace my identity through the grace of Jesus.

That girl, in the coffee shop, was me.

A few months ago, I left my career and moved across the country for a unique ministry opportunity with Live Original. I felt fearful and unknown. Today I share this message – still trying to seek comfort in my new surroundings and responsibilities.  I’m just a girl who is learning to rest in the reality that we will not grow, create, or be free until we experience discomfort.

This has been a new challenge for me because for most of my life I thrived in comfortable situations. I was conditioned to seek, strive and achieve comfort. I’m a person who loves the feeling of success and competence. I am not hardwired for need – I am wired to work to a place of comfort. But that’s where I had it all wrong. God wants us to see him.  To need Him. He designed us to need him so we are able to do his work.  God wants us to know him as the ultimate comfort and provider that He is. And that’s exactly where God wants you. It took me 27 years to learn that comfort often distracts our hearts from following Jesus. Up until a few months ago, I wasn’t risking, creating, moving – at least in the direction of the kingdom. Instead, I was so focused on building a comfortable life.

Paul speaks of season of contentment and need in the book of Philippians. “I know what it is to have plenty and I know what it is to need.” 4:10-13.


I love this Word – and I’ve learned that “plenty” looks different to me in different settings. But it always means resting in what Jesus can do.

When you stop leaning into the comfort of this world and start craving discomfort, God will be able to use you in big ways. 2 Timothy 3:12-16 says we can live freely in our identity in God when we remember what we known. What is in your purse of comfort? Take a few minutes to consider the people, places and things that make you most comfortable. (praises that you have those gifts in your life). But, do any of those things on your list stop you from seeing God and serving him fully? It’s small (and big) moments, like in the coffee shop, where Jesus can capture your heart and use you. He wants you to have eyes open, and seek comfort only in his Heart.

Father I pray that we lean into discomfort – rather than strive for comfort. For your strength and glory is made perfect in our weakness. We are hungry and ready for you to use us for your will and your glory. Give us the confidence and courage to press pass discomfort. Also I pray against the pressures of this world to seek comfort For our home is with you in our hearts – and in heaven.

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  1. Morgan Garner

    Wow, how encouraging!

  2. Evelyn Statham


  3. Shelli Appling

    Courtney, you are one of the most amazing young women I know. You have taken your dreams and flown! I know California misses you, but you were destined to do Gods work. Keep going girl!
    I love reading the blogs of all of Sadies girls so far.
    Love, "aunt" Shelli

  4. Sophie Green

    Really encouraging! It’s allowed to me to think back when we I was always in uncomfortable moments, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and I can see how much God used me and how much I grew.
    I’ve noticed that this past year, I haven’t done that and I can see the difference. I’ve been in a comfortable year. And I’ve notice that my relationship with God hasn’t grown as much as previous years where I embraced discomfort.
    This blog post has really opened my eyes and has encouraged me to leave the comfortable place behind and pursue the uncomfortable moments again. Thank you!

  5. Emily Franklin

    Thank you sharing your beautiful testimony. This resonated with me, love it!!

  6. Kayla Brown

    This is really encouraging! It is crucial to rely on God. We cannot do this on our own. We need God. I needed this reminder. It helped me step back and see how thankful I am for what I do have and that life is not always ‘comfy.’ I’m thankful to have a God who is with me and willing to guide me through it.

  7. Jesse Eggemeyer

    Thank you for sharing Courtney. I’m going to look at uncomfortable moments totally different from meow on?

  8. Alyssa Auburn

    This blog post reminds me of one of my favourite Bible stories: when Peter walked on water. It wasn’t until he stepped out of the comfort of his boat, gathered his courage and faith, and walked into the storm that he was able to reach Jesus.

  9. Nicole Martinez

    Needed this message. So good. I struggle with this daily, always pulling my phone out because I get incredibly anxious whereever I am. Thank you.

  10. Madeline Hill

    This is so good and something I often don’t do! I was reading the book of Esther last night and she had so much courage when she stood up to the kind and last night it really struck me that I was living in comfort. So thanks so much for this!!!

  11. maddie moak

    so far this has been my most favorite post on live original blog!! it is so completely easy to relate to and inspiring!! i read a quote a few months ago that spoke to me the same way this post did, ‘do not stay on the boat when jesus is calling you to walk on water’. not long but certainly thought provoking. thank you for sharing!!

  12. Alicia Attardo

    Thanks for this. I struggle with loneliness and insecurity alot. This gave me something to think about.

  13. Casie Lamb

    This message about comfort is what I needed to read. Lately for about last month I was in a doubtful state leaning into the discomfort that I have been feeling for half a year. I have recently gotten back into building my relationship with God to be even better. And this post I needed to read. Because without knowing this I will lean back into discomfort once again. I will always come back to this post just to get a better understanding to lean more into God for comfort over my doubtfulness discomfort. Thank you for spreading what you learned my dear.

  14. Mary Jane Wilkerson

    Thank You so much for this powerful message!! I’m starting highschool really soon! And I’m scared about everything! But your message inspired me!! I need to have comfort in Jesus Christ!! ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Melissa Green

    This is an amazing message. I started attending a church a year ago up until 4 months ago I hadn’t accepted Jesus into my heart and I was an emotional wreck. I’m no longer an emotional wreck but I still don’t feel comfortable in my church. But I am determined to stay with it to experience growth.

  16. Maddy A

    I loved this, it was very uplifting! I always feel uncomfortable in stores or anyplace when I’m not with people I know. This helped me to realize I need to lean on God.

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