Has God ever placed a dream in your heart, and then led you to a place where the detour of that dream seemed barren and unending?

Our Creator has given all of us this gift to see past where we are, dream of a better tomorrow, and be driven by a vision so much greater than anything we could ask or imagine.  But living with a just a glimpse of what is to come—when its fruition seems so out of reach—can be some of the most difficult seasons that we will ever walk through. Putting one foot in front of the other, while carrying a delayed destiny, can become the fight of your life.

I so wish the process to fulfillment became complete in the instant that I obtained my greatest desire—that moment you hold something so dear in your heart that you’ll never let it go. But that’s not usually the case!  Instead, you find yourself feeling the need to remind the Lord that you didn’t ask for this ridiculous burden–the weight of the waiting. It’s in this process that you realize that the resistance and heartache you’re walking through are killing pride and producing more and more of God’s nature within you.

Everyone has a dream. You know, it’s that thing that propels you into your calling. It’s that kind of thought that reaches beyond your mind and makes its way into your heart. And every time it does pop into your mind, you become like a child again with an imagination so unstoppable you don’t care who is standing in your way.

Dreaming is crucial. If you couldn’t dream, your reality would become dim and lifeless. The ability to see beyond a current circumstance into the “what’s next” is important, but the power behind it can create the greatest storm you ever experience. The eye of the storm is when you find His stillness and rest in the midst of it all. You begin to realize more each day the clouds will continue to cast fear and doubt over your journey until you choose to seek His face. He is the wave. He is the wind. He is the One carrying it all. He will be there when the sun sets, and He will be there when it rises again. Making His Kingdom your greatest goal is difficult, but finding His presence will be the gentle whisper guiding you to His heart.

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