There may have been a season in your life that turned out so differently than you dreamed, but it doesn’t mean that they were less fruitful or meaningful than the seasons that went according to plan. Sometimes, the most impactful seasons in our lives are the raw ones where all we have is all we are, laid before God.

There is so much value in setting aside time each day, to study God’s word and hear from Him. But God doesn’t just meet with us when our Bible is open with our favorite coffee in hand. Sometimes, He meets with us when we are on the floor in the bathroom and we feel like we just can’t go on, or when we are sick and crying out for strength to make it through another day or another hard conversation. If we allow it, hard times remind us that God is in control and we are not – no matter how hard we try to manage our family, health, life and dreams. When tragedy and hurt suddenly interrupt our plans, we begin to see that God is sovereign and merciful even in our pain. We can see that through our circumstances, God has never changed or wavered who He is and He is constant.

Suffering also reminds us this world is not our home and that we were meant for so much more. God cares too much about our eternal happiness to get bogged down in this earthly mindset, and He often uses suffering to awaken our hearts to eternity. When you walk through difficulties, it reminds us to slow down and remember why we are here. Going through a painful season has a way of loosening our grip on this world and tightening our grip on Christ and His word. Trials can open our eyes to the world around us and the suffering people are walking through. Suffering can cause compassion and a tenderness towards people and it can bring a humility as we realize just how great our need is for Jesus.

So even though it hurts, there is hope and growth in the hard seasons of life. God always uses everything for our good and His glory, if only we would let Him.

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  • Avatar Hailey Mahadeen says:

    This is such a great message. Thank you!

  • Avatar H Q says:

    Good message not what people like to think about sometimes mabe obviously but Romans 8:28 comes to mind "And God works all things for the good of those who love Him who are called according to His purpose. As I was reminded also that God is redemptive and can make things beautiful/ bring beauty from ashes as I’ve heard said. God bless you & your family.

  • Avatar Lynsie Witt says:

    Needed this ?

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