LO Sister Ambassador Retreat 2022 Recap

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Life Advice, Sisterhood


Our 2022 Ambassador Retreat was such a special time.  While many people did not know each other kicking off on Friday, we hugged each other close on Sunday, amazed by how close and known we felt by each other.

Friday night was so sweet! Around fifty ambassadors  from all over the country were flying and driving, through snow storms, to West Monroe and getting to know each other as they settled into their cabins. 

One of the highlights, besides our delicious dinner, was when the girls played the game Nitty Gritty together.  If you don’t know what this game is, you need to! It is way too much fun to miss out on!  Picture this: a bunch of girls on teams competing to sing the best country tunes, trying three shoes of different sizes together, or burping the alphabet! There truly is no limit to what could happen or how much we could laugh.  It really bonded us!  We wish our whole LO Sister fam could have been there and played!

One special moment was when Sadie, Court, and Steph (the original Team LO) opened the floor for a Q&A with the ambassadors about all things having to do with starting a ministry, sustaining the vision, challenges along the way, lessons learned, and everything in between.  There was a powerful moment when Sadie talked about how her mission for this ministry, to be sisters and friends, came from a time when she didn’t have any friends at all.  As she realized how full-circle it is that she was currently having a Q&A at a retreat for women to become better sisters and friends after once feeling completely alone and confused, she wept.  Her original vision, founded out of a place of loneliness, had come to life and was before her eyes.  I think everyone in the room was crying with her, and the tender Spirit of the Lord was there, as He always has been.   All of our eyes were opened to how much the Lord has been working in this mission and how much He continues to. 

Saturday morning was filled with crisp winter air, but our tummies were filled with Two Mama’s warm homemade pancakes!  They were insanely yummy. 

After we fueled up for the day, we drove over to the LO office where girls got to write their best piece of advice on the WHOA That’s Good advice wall.  We also had a time of worship with Chidima Ubah from Passion Music! It was such an honor to have Chidima see the value of this retreat and fly all the way down to Louisiana to lead us into God’s presence.  

Sadie’s soon-to-be sister-in-law, Maia Billman, gave an amazing word.  Get this – it was her first time speaking and she was incredible! Filled with God’s wisdom, she spoke with authenticity, conviction, and encouragement.  Here are some of the main takeaways from her talk that we want to share with you: 

Do not conceal.  Proclaim!  

Mark 16:15

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

We are really good at going, but what are we doing when we go?

Proclaim the fullness of what God has done and is doing in your life!

  1. We don’t need to proclaim perfectly.  We have a fear of proclaiming the fullness of God, because that means we have to share where we have been.  Thank goodness Jesus died for us to be made new!  Because of God, I am no longer in bondage to addiction, lust, jealousy, comparison, slander, gossip, judgment, sexual immorality.  I once was but look what He has done!  
  2. Call others into proclaiming!

We headed back to the camp for a fun group workout led by Sadie’s personal trainer.  The intention of this time was to put into practice what it looks like to workout for the health and well-being of your body and make it FUN!  It’s safe to say we woke up the next morning a little sore….

After a time of rest, Saturday night came and let me tell you, the Lord MOVED.  We began with a time of powerful worship led by Reeves and Kaylea (LO Worship), as well as Chidima.  Tears were flowing.

Sadie gave a powerful talk about being anointed right NOW, regardless of what you have or where you are. Speaking out of 1 Samuel, she talked about how David was anointed and the Spirit of the Lord fell on him, but he didn’t immediately become king.  No opportunity immediately opened up.  He actually went back to being with the sheep.  But the skills he learned as a shepherd, such as using a slingshot as his main weapon of defense, were what led him to confidently killing Goliath. 

She spoke about how you do not have to promote yourself to the world or even to God.  God is the one who anointed you and He will provide next steps and opportunities at the right time.  The things David was doing

 during his time being a shepherd, such as practicing playing his music in private, were what led him to ultimately be asked to play in the palace. And after he played music in the temple, he didn’t become king right away.  Do you know what he did? He went back to the sheep!  Don’t underestimate the power of what God is teaching and building in you right now.  How you use your time when you are in a private season will greatly affect your readiness and confidence when God leads you into a public season. 

It was an amazing message that encouraged us to stay faithful to what he has set before us right now and be confident in the fact that God is moving in us today, even if it doesn’t feel like it.   She prompted everyone to reflect with these three questions:

What is your “why” question that you are asking God? This could be “why am I still a shepherd when you’ve anointed me to lead worship?” or “why do I live here instead of there?”

What do you feel called to be faithful in? What in this season where you have been placed, do you feel called to be diligent?

How has God been intentional throughout your life? Sadie showed videos of her as a young child preaching and having a little talk show that then led to videos of her today preaching and on her podcast.  God had been preparing her her entire life for the calling she has.  Where do you see this in your own life? Search the little parts of your life from the time you were a child to now.  You will be amazed and inspired.

That night, we surprised the girls with an amazing Galentine’s party, full of cookie-decorating, massages, popcorn, candy, dancing, and massages.  It was pretty insane.  

That about sums up our weekend! It was such a special time and we continue to be amazed by how God is moving through our Ambassadors and LO Sister. 

If you want to be a part of this amazing community, join LO Sister here 🙂 Can’t wait to see you there, friend!

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