Throughout the years, I’ve had the privilege to visit so many different countries. From Africa to Tokyo, Romania to Hong Kong, each has its own culture and feel. They are all so incredibly distinct and vastly different. Recently, I have been so blessed to visit Israel for the second time. But this time was different. This time around, I am a mother, a wife of almost 10 years, and a pastor for 9 years. You could say life has completely changed. The first time I went to the Holy Land, I was site seeing it without a care in the world. This time, I was on a mission. A mission to find my Lord Jesus, from a place of having walked through a thing or two this time around. A mission to draw as close to Him as possible, in His hometown—and what I was to learn, I could not have ever imagined.


There are days that I am so full of zeal and passion, that I feel as if I could burst. There are other days that I am so tired, I don’t know how much longer I can keep the pace that life has set before me. Some days, I’m angry with injustices around me and other days, I’m weeping over those same injustices. Some may call this an emotional roller coaster, but I call it HUMANITY. It’s just in us. We are human, and therefore we will constantly battle our flesh, and all of the feelings that come with it. Now, do we have the power through Jesus to overcome? Absolutely, but it doesn’t make it easy and it doesn’t make it go away. Humanity is what it is, but for some reason, we do our very best to cover this up and pretend like everything is perfectly okay. We have no struggles that are worth bringing up to the surface, they must all stay under control and hidden. When our feelings are hurt, we pretend they weren’t even touched. When we are angry, we bury it down and push it under the emotional rug. If we are tired, we insist we do not need rest, because it’s glamorous to be so busy.


“Jesus made a whip out of cords. Then he forced all these men, with the sheep and cattle, to leave the Temple. He turned over the tables and scattered the money of the men who were exchanging it. Then he said to those who were selling pigeons, “Take these things out of here! Don’t make my Father’s house a place for buying and selling!” John 2: 15-16

“Jesus was tired from his long trip. So he sat down beside the well. It was about noon.” John 4:6

“Then the people there spit in Jesus’ face and beat him with their fists. Others slapped Jesus.” Matthew 26:67

 “Jesus wept.” John 11:35

“But he emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men.” Philippians 2:7

“After this, Jesus, knowing that all things had already been accomplished, to fulfill the Scripture, said, “I am thirsty.” John 19:28

“And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” Luke 2:52

“But Jesus did not yet entrust himself to them, because he knew how fickle human hearts can be. He didn’t need anyone to tell him about human nature, for he fully understood what man was capable of doing.” John 2: 24-25

As I walked throughout the Galilee area, which is Jesus’ hometown, I began to know Him in a way that was much more familiar than I could have ever anticipated. It was that same feeling of when your best friend, or maybe that significant other, shows you their elementary school, high school or their childhood home, or maybe even a family holiday dinner or reunion. You begin to form a bond that’s unique, because you are seeing the behind the scenes of what makes them tick. You begin to have a deeper understanding of their very make up, due to their upbringing. As I walked through the very area that Jesus grew up in, the HUMANITY of Jesus began to come alive to me. He would begin to show me in scripture of how He understands my anger, my tiredness, my zeal, my passion, my hurts and everything in between.


As I was walking the hills of Galilee, I could hear Him say, “I even understand nostalgia”. I couldn’t help but weep at the understanding of that. He understands. You may feel completely alone in what you are walking through right now, but let me dispel that lie for you. You are NOT alone. He was left alone and abandoned, so that we would never be alone and abandoned. He broke the hold of the enemy on our lives, and paid every price there was to pay, so that we would be redeemed to walk with victory on our side.


If you just allow Him to have access to every season and human emotion you possess, hiding it all will no longer take up any more of your energy. Because it does not offend Him nor repulse Him, it reminds Him of moments He walked through that identifies with what you are walking through. And then it gives Him access to redeem it all! If you allow Him, you’ll not only never walk alone, but you’ll have the most wonderful best friend that your heart has always longed for.

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