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Knocking Over Tables

Here’s a hard truth: We were bought with a price but often don’t care enough to act like it. That’s why we have to remind ourselves daily of the price of our rescue, of the preciousness of our Savior, of the sacredness of the temple.

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Raw and Unedited

A grace that grants us permission to see the ugliest places of our hearts. A grace that covers not only the things that we have done but that covers who we are: jealous, self-seeking, prideful, shallow, resentful, etc. It not only covers but loves us right in the midst of our darkest moments.

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Little By Little

If you don’t think you can do anything to make a difference, start praying. Pray that God will give you the chance you need. Ask God for a way to share His love with someone. If you can tell one person about the hope of Jesus and they tell another person, eventually you can bring a lot of change.

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Overcoming Negativity

Maybe we all need to hear sometimes that the way we act isn’t just hurting us, it’s affecting our relationships with the ones we love. If it doesn’t help to tell you to change it for you, change it for those around you. You don’t want to suck the life out of the people you love the most.

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