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You Are Wanted

He sees you as you are, everything – past, present and future, and wants you. And not only does He want you, but He has given everything up to have you. He is calling your name. He is holding His arms open to you, eyes on you, heart beating for you.

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Finding My Roar

Jesus helped me understand my worth. To know your worth is to have confidence. If you truly believe your worthless, then where is your confidence? Jesus died on the cross to show you that you are worth more than you could EVER imagine, and that is what I am confident in.

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Beautiful Brokenness

Pain reminds us that we have something to fight for. Without it, we would be complacent, not understanding the beauty in overcoming our struggles. When we overcome, we grow stronger and gain the wisdom needed to encourage and build strength in those around us.

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Here’s the hard truth: Anything great, anything worth holding on to, anything of monumental purpose and impact takes time. When it comes to our dreams, our hopes, our triumphs – it takes work and waiting.

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Fear by Ashlynne Bell

His design for my life is to live fiercely driven by a Kingdom whose King takes no command from fear…but instead casts out the very mention of its name. He lives so that I might live–not broken and weary in the moment, but outrageously devoted to the wonder of His Name–the glory of His presence and the power of His word.

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