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Life Advice

Be Still and Know

We can speak life over our pain. We have to say, “You know what, I am not okay but Jesus is STILL good. He is still faithful. I can praise Him when I am in the valleys and when I am on the mountain tops.” Even when you don’t believe it: speak it. Read His promises. Let them be the feet to your steps.

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Dream Big

When you dream, don’t just think about a few things you might like to do someday if they work out. Get a real dream. Make it a big dream. Make it something you could never do by yourself, something that will stretch your faith, a dream that will give God a chance to do something huge for you.

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Fighting the Good Fight

Friends I have seen my Savior in action. And, I’ve not only seen Him take out my enemy. He has gently nursed me back to health and has thrown my mistakes into a sea of no return. He does not remind me of my mistakes like my enemy. I know the difference between their voices, and He is so kind and merciful.

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