Life Advice

5 Things

I believe when we are five, the reason we are often times and weirdly our best and most fun self, is partly because of our childlike manner. But, I also think our confidence and freedom comes from the voices around us, and our parent’s protection over who is allowed to speak into our lives. We have voices of encouragement, voices of truth—voices telling us we are enough, voices tell us that we are beautiful just as we are, voices tell us how loved we are, voices telling us how to be strong when we feel weak or hurt, voices bringing out our originality, and voices disciplining us out of love.

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Missing Things

Whatever you are struggling with, please know you are not alone. I pinkie promise you. I want to say words to comfort you, but sometimes they aren’t enough. Let Jesus be the gap filler. Let Him be the one to calm the storm.

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Work hard to take care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Commit to growing a little bit each day, and learn to celebrate the little advancements you are making without comparing them to others.

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When Christmas Is Hard

Christmas is Jesus coming down to be with me, telling me He sees my great pain, and He is there to carry it. He is coming to be my counselor when my thoughts are scattered, my peace in the storm, a strong and mighty warrior when the fight seems to hard, and a sweet comforter when the sorrow overwhelms me. He is God with me, in the loneliest of moments, and He is there in the midst of the hard of Christmas, to be our HOPE.

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Come Let Us Adore Him

Deserving glory and honor, Jesus took on shame and sin. He lived his life for the Father–pointing everyone towards him with every word, action and deed. And then, He gave it all…for us. His life. It was the most brutal of sacrifices. He would be forever scarred for you and me, but oh, the joy he found in doing God’s will. Even as it hurt, even as it cost him all. He surrendered. He did it for God’s glory, He did it for us.

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