Inside the box: bible study for leaders, exclusive video content, recipes, crafts, and surprises and gifts hand-picked by Sadie Robertson.

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The Live Original Box is a heart-crafted collection of resources and gifts from Sadie Robertson to equip girls to lead and host a bible study. The box is filled with high-quality, beautifully-designed content.


My life has changed so much in these past 8 weeks. When my journey began, I was so afraid, I struggled with how to study how to pray, how, how to ask God for help, how I could help others, and how I could show God I am a warrior for Him. I have learned so much, my heart has learned so much.

Becca M.

I am so blessed and thankful for the opportunity to have these girls in my home each week. From senior in high school, late twenties, married with with kids, and everywhere in between, I was so nervous about how everyone would get along. However, night one was SO GOOD!. Everyone was able to speak into each other’s lives so perfectly.

Christie C.
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