Praising Our Great Provider

Lauren Scruggs-Kennedy reminds us that God provides. When we dwell on this, our hearts undoubtedly overflow with amazement, gratefulness, and humbleness. He loves us more than we could even begin to imagine and is providing for, caring for, planning for, preparing for, and making a way for us, leading us to His best at all times.

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He Understands

We are human. We will battle our flesh, and all of the feelings that come, so today we encourage you to give Jesus full access to every season of your life.If you allow Him, you’ll not only never walk alone, but you’ll have the most wonderful best friend that your heart has always longed for.

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God Hears You

Sadie Robertson teaches us to pray, learn to listen, and to truly seek out what He wants to say to you. Spend time in the Word and with Him daily. If we ever want to truly live out the lives God has called us to, we have to cut out the excuses and become intentional about talking to Him.

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Keep Running

Life can feel like that last lap sometimes, right? Sadie Robertson speaks into the mental exhaustion, spiritual exhaustion, and running the race alone. These are promises of strength, so that you will not get too exhausted to run the race He has set before you. In fact, you will become even more passionate about the purpose behind why you run.

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On Getting Older

Cathie Laurie talks about the beauty within us. As women, we appreciate beauty in all things, and what could be more beautiful than knowing that every season of our lives has been curated by our infinitely perfect and expert Creator? His plans and designs for us are exquisite and timeless.

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