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About The Tour

Join Sadie and her Squad for Live Original’s "Movie Night!" This is a night you won’t forget… full of laughter, dancing, motivation, inspiration and more. Sadie Robertson is also bringing RENO, Love & The Outcome and Family Force 5 along for the fun.

Live Original is an interactive night that touches on issues that impact teens and young adults - including social media, body image, depression & anxiety, and more. Sadie and the Squad bring you into their living room for "Movie Night" so you can hang out and talk about the issues you face in the world today. You’re guaranteed to have a blast but also leave with a new perspective on how to BE YOU and be who God called YOU to be! The hope is that you journey from being chained to whatever you’re struggling with to becoming a person who is changed into someone who experiences true freedom!

What can you expect to experience? Glad you asked!

  1. - Approximately 2.5 hours of life-changing fun!
  2. - Live speaking and interaction from Sadie and the SQUAD (John Luke, Mary Kate, Reed, Brighton, and Cole)… And their friends Max and Bonnie Kate!
  3. - Worship moments from Love & The Outcome
  4. - High energy concert from Family Force 5
  5. - A night packed with teaching, real life stories from the heart, laughter, worship, singing, dancing and more.